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Political columnist. Born in 1949. After graduating from Waseda University, joined Kyōdō News agency, where he worked as a political journalist and editor until 2007. More recently, he has worked as a newscaster for TBS television. Publications include Nihon no seiji wa dō ugoite iru no ka (The Direction of Japanese Politics) and Ozawa Ichirō: 50 no nazo o toku (Ozawa Ichirō: Fifty Riddles Solved).
Consumption Tax Bill Repercussions Have Just Begun2012.10.24

As we all know, the last phase of deliberations over the consumption tax bill took place on August 8, at a meeting between Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko of the Democratic Party of Japan and Tanigaki Sadakazu, leader of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party.(*1) It was then that Noda promised Tanigaki that he would dissolve the lower house and call a general election “soon,” persuading Tanigaki t…

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