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President, Interact Corp.; game analyst. Born in 1962. Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University in 1985. Worked at the publisher JICC (now Takarajimasha). Served as first editor in chief of a video game magazine. Established the consulting firm Interact in 1991. His works include Gēmu no daigaku (The University of Games; coauthor) and Gēmu no jiji mondai (Current Issues in Games).
Nintendo Switch: A Tried-and-True Approach to a New Console2017.03.06

Nintendo took its characteristic approach in developing the firm’s newest game console, the Nintendo Switch, relying on mature technology to offer an alternative playing experience. The gaming giant is betting that the platform’s features, including an infrared motion tracking camera, will open the way to fresh, innovative ways of gaming.

What Makes Pokémon Go? Roots and Ramifications of the Global Gaming Craze2016.09.07

A veteran video game analyst and consultant discusses the creative processes that paved the way for Pokémon Go fever and explores the app's implications for the future of video gaming.

Video Games: A Winning Strategy for Japan2015.05.14

Japan’s video game producers have lost their former global lead. But in some respects the industry is doing fine. Japanese firms would do well to focus on role-playing games, a genre in which they excel.

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