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Professor at Hōsei University. Born in 1952. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, where he majored in sociology. Received his master’s degree from the School of Sociology, University of Tokyo. Active as a researcher and commentator on contemporary media culture and its idols, J-pop music, and fans. Among his works are Pandora no media: Terebi wa jidai o dō kaeta no ka (The Pandora Media: How TV Has Changed an Age) and Aidoru kōgaku (Idol Engineering).
A Hero of the Moment: Dissecting the Popularity of Asada Mao2017.06.22

Headlines across Japan blared the news of Asada Mao’s retirement following the figure skater’s announcement in an April 10 blog post that she was hanging up her skates after more than a decade on the ice. At a press conference two days later, the 26-year-old Asada made her decision official amid blinding flashes and a cacophony of camera shutters. Born in 1990, Asada skated onto the scene as a …

Yoshinaga Sayuri: Last of the Silver Screen’s National Heroines2012.12.07

In her latest movie, Kita no kanaria-tachi (A Chorus of Angels), Yoshinaga Sayuri plays a teacher on a small island off Hokkaidō in the north of Japan. She has embodied the zeitgeist of postwar Japanese society, it is said, ever since her debut in 1959. Still centering her career on cinema, she is called the last of the great movie stars.

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