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Journalist, writer, and editor. Born in 1958. Earned a degree from the Tokyo University of Science before going to work as a weekly magazine reporter and then as a freelance writer and editor. His output includes books and magazine articles as well as his own novels; for nearly 30 years he has also crafted introductory pieces based on investigations of companies, their technologies, and their business activities. His works include Kaitei shigen: Kaiyōkoku Nippon no ōkina kakushi zaisan (Seabed Resources: The Vast, Hidden Assets of a Maritime Japan), Shizen enerugī no kanōsei to genkai (The Potential and Limits of Natural Energy), and The Manga Guide to the Universe (coauthor).
Will Methane Hydrates Become a Domestic Energy Resource?2013.05.10

In seas near Japan in March 2013, methane gas was successfully extracted from seafloor hydrates—a world first. However, there are remaining technical hurdles to overcome before this becomes a viable domestic energy source.

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