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Japanese writer living in Taiwan. Born in 1969 in Kanagawa Prefecture. First traveled to Taiwan as a student at Waseda University’s School of Education. After graduation, joined the publishing and education company now known as Benesse. Has lived and worked in Taiwan since 1997 as a writer and photographer documenting and interpreting various aspects Taiwanese culture in relation to Japan and the Japanese, particularly the railways and other relics of the colonial era. Author of Koshashin ga kataru Taiwan: Nihon tōchi jidai no 50-nen, 1895–1945 (Taiwan Through Early Photographs: Fifty Years of Japanese Colonial Rule, 1985–1945), Taiwan ni nokoru Nihon tetsudō isan (The Legacy of the Japanese Railways in Taiwan), and other works.
Sugiura Shigemine: The Japanese Pilot Who Became a God in Taiwan2017.02.15

Sugiura Shigemine was one of many Japanese fighter pilots who lost their lives in fierce air battles waged in the skies above Taiwan during World War II. In a small community in Tainan, the final act of this ill-fated flyer transformed him into the revered god known as General Flying Tiger.

The Wansei: History’s Castaways Look Homeward to Taiwan2016.02.15

In 1895, the Qing government of China ceded Taiwan and the Pescadores (Penghu) to Japan under the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which ended the Sino-Japanese War of 1894–95. The Japanese government established the Office of the Governor-General in Taipei as an organ of colonial rule, and for the next half-century this outpost of the imperial government ruled over Taiwan and the Taiwanese while investing …

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