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Born in 1983. Graduated from Kyoto University. Joined Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting as an analyst in 2007, focusing on policies for small and medium-sized firms and startups. Expanded research to include pet culture after rescuing a stray cat from an animal shelter. Since 2016 has been active as a “cat economist,” promoting healthy relationships between cats and humans. Owns two cats, Shinsuke and Goma. Follow him on Twitter at @kitayooo.
Feline Fatale: A Look at Japan’s Growing Cat Mania2017.08.17

Cats are royalty in Japan. Each month a slew of new feline-themed books, toys, and other goods hit store shelves, suggesting that the country’s obsession with the cuddly animals is here to stay. Social media has also become a lively gathering point for cat fans, including proud owners who post pictures and videos of their whiskered charges. Economist and hopeless cat lover Kita Yōsuke looks at how…

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