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Founder and president of Kuwadate Inc. Born in 1975. Earned MA from Keio University’s Graduate School of Media and Governance. Planned and designed Internet businesses while still a graduate student. After graduation joined Mitsubishi Research Institute where he was involved in consulting work related to information and communication businesses and the promotion of next-generation technologies. Launched his career as an entrepreneur in January 2007. His current business centers on consulting related to strategic planning and business design, as well as advising companies on executive management and capital flows, assisting capital procurement, and providing support for government-affiliated projects.
New Web Paradigm Poses Challenges and Opportunities2014.12.19

The advances in recent years of high-resolution video cameras made by GoPro and other companies have made it easy for people to capture their outdoor activities, entirely revolutionizing the way we take videos. Thanks to this technology, all sorts of awe-inspiring images have been captured, whether it is a mountain biker riding along a narrow mountain precipice or a baby seal trying to climb ont…

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