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Professor of sociology, Osaka University, specializing in social history and gender studies. Received her master’s degree in sociology from Kyoto University in 1985 and her doctorate from Osaka University in 2007. Has been an associate professor at Kōnan Women’s University, a visiting scholar at Harvard University, and a visiting professor at Columbia University. Played a supporting role in the Fukuoka trial that introduced the concept of sexual harassment to the Japanese public. Author of Jendā kazoku o koete—kin-gendai no sei/sei no seiji to feminizumu (Beyond the Gendered Family: Feminism and the Politics of Modern and Contemporary Life/Sexuality ), Buchō, sono ren’ai wa sekuhara desu! (Boss, that’s not love but sexual harassment!), and other works.
High Court Decisions Augur Long Road to Equality2016.03.24

On December 16 last year, the Supreme Court delivered a ruling on a closely watched case regarding the right of spouses to maintain separate surnames after marriage. The plaintiffs in the case challenged the constitutionality of article 750 of the Civil Code, which requires one of the spouses to adopt the surname of the other. They held that the provision violated the couple’s rights, and also tha…

Why Japanese Men Still Don’t Get It: Structural Roots of Sexual Harassment2015.05.18

What do recent stories focusing on sexual harassment in Japan say about the social conditions of Japanese women? Professor Muta Kazue argues that, despite a growing awareness of the issues, such incidents will continue until Japan overhauls the underlying systems that perpetuate workplace discrimination against women.

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