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Journalist focusing on East Asia. Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1967. Studied at Beijing University and Hong Kong’s Sun Yat-sen University. Works include Chūgokujin erīto wa nihonjin wo kō miru (How China’s Elite Views the Japanese) and Chūgokujin no gokai, nihonjin no gokai (Chinese and Japanese Misconceptions).
Cherry Blossoms, Hot Springs, and Blue Movies: Chinese Tourism and Japan’s Image Gap2015.07.06

The lavish spending of Chinese tourists in Japan has remained a hot media topic, and it is one that can be expected to stay in the headlines for the foreseeable future as the number of visitors from China is forecast to keep growing. Several factors can be cited to explain this rise in Chinese tourism, including the greater affluence of Chinese as a result of economic growth, the quality and af…

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