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Journalist. Received a BA in history from Kokugakuin University. Did graduate work in religion at George Washington University. Worked at the Nagano bureau and Tokyo foreign news desk of the Mainichi Shimbun and also served as the Jakarta bureau chief. Was Singapore bureau chief of the Sankei Shimbun. Based in Jakarta, he currently covers Southeast Asia for Pan Asian News. Works include Ajia no naka no Jieitai (The Role of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces in Asia) and Minshu kokka e no michi, Jakaruta hōdō no 2,000 nichi (The Road to Democracy: 2,000 Days Reporting from Jakarta).
Southeast Asian Visitors Pursue the Total Japan Experience2017.07.18

Japan is an ever more popular destination for tourists from Southeast Asia. No longer content with Tokyo and Kyoto alone, they are heading further afield and seeking out distinctly Japanese experiences. The travel industry and local authorities should make the most of this trend by working to ensure that all visitors are satisfied.

Refining Hospitality: “Omotenashi” and Foreign Visitors to Japan2017.04.26

Japan is opening its doors wide to foreign travelers, with the aim of welcoming 40 million international tourists annually by 2020. Yet many visitors from religiously diverse Southeast Asia can stumble into the shadows of the nation’s widely touted hospitality. A journalist reflects on the state and true meaning of Japanese omotenashi.

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