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A former tenured associate professor at Osaka University and deputy chief of staff, G-7 (Government and External Affairs), Marine Corps Installations Pacific. Served as the political advisor to the Marines’ Forward Command Element at Camp Sendai following the 2011 tsunami disaster. Has published numerous books, including Japanese Public Opinion and the War on Terrorism (co-editor, 2008), Megaquake: How Japan and the World Should Respond (translator and co-author, 2015), and Tomodachi sakusen: Kesennuma Ōshima to Beigun Kaiheitai no kiseki no kizuna (Operation Tomodachi and the Special Relationship Between Ōshima, Kesennuma, and the US Marine Corps) (author, 2017). He can be reached at:
Major Construction, Quiet Developments Will Change Tōhoku Island2017.05.17

On a beautiful but chilly morning at the end of March 2017, a major engineering project was taking place in northeastern Miyagi Prefecture. But despite the ambitious scale of this operation, it attracted little national or international attention. The site was the Ōshima Strait, separating the island of Ōshima and a peninsula leading out from the city of Kesennuma on the mainland. Workers were …

Words to Worry About: The Danger of Media Bias in Okinawa2015.07.16

A great public debate has erupted recently about the role of the media in Japan: the nation as a whole, more broadly, and specifically about the plight of the “embattled” Okinawan media. In fact, though, the local media in Okinawa is very much at the center and in many cases the cause of this controversy, due to its biased reporting and something I call “miss-information.” Biased reporting is of …

The Okinawa “Base Problem” Today2012.02.03

Remarkably little progress has been made over the years to overcome the “Okinawa problem”—a catch-all label for the host of unresolved issues between the prefecture and the Japanese and US governments. The US military bases in Okinawa, in particular, have been at the heart of the controversy. Robert Eldridge, who has long researched this issue, argues that the key to solving this knotty problem is…

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