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Journalist specializing in China relations. A consultant for and former professor of sociology at Toyo University. Born in 1948 in Shizuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Waseda University in 1973. Worked for Jiji Press in a variety of roles, including correspondent in Hong Kong and Beijing, Beijing bureau chief, senior commentator, and Shanghai bureau chief. Received the Vaughan-Ueda International Journalist Award in 1996 for his reporting on China. Published works include Kyoryū no katachi: yomigaeru daichūka no idenshi (The Shape of a Giant Dragon: The Reawakened Concept of Greater China) and Chūgoku bijinesu: hikari to yami (Chinese Business: Light and Darkness).
China’s Latest Food Safety Scandal: A Shanghai Media Exposé Delivers a Message from Beijing2014.08.22

A scandal involving a Shanghai-based meat supplier’s use of expired and spoiled materials has impacted major fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut and caused a commotion not just in China but also in Japan and elsewhere. Reports of tainted food have become commonplace in China, causing alarm among the general public. Public anger over this chronic problem is close to the boiling poi…

Twenty-Five Years After Tiananmen: The Flame of Democracy Still Burns in China2014.06.16

June 4, 2014, marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters occupying Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Fearing the outbreak of another incident, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government reportedly stepped up their watch on pro-democracy activists and tightened the guard in and around the square. This was in response to the heightening of criti…

Chinese Investors Not Dazzled by Japan’s Property Market2014.06.03

There has been much talk in Japan of a wave of rich Chinese investors buying up luxury condominiums in the Tokyo Bay area, and in response to this supposed demand there has been a mushrooming of Chinese-language real estate investment websites. The apparent aim has been to attract investment from China in the hope of reviving Japan’s real estate market, but so far the response from mainland invest…

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