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Visiting researcher at the Faculty of Economics, Keiō University. Graduated from Keiō University with a degree in economics and joined the Environment Agency (now the Ministry of the Environment) in 1991. Has also worked as first secretary at the Embassy of Japan in China, research fellow at the Tokyo Foundation, and adjunct instructor at J.F. Oberlin University. Is currently a senior research officer at the Environment Ministry, and has served concurrently as a visiting researcher at Keiō University since July 2015. Is coauthor of Kankyōhō kenkyū dai 2 gō (A Study of Environmental Laws, Volume 2), Hatachi kara no shakaika (Social Studies for Adults), and Chūgoku kankyō handobukku 2009–2010-nen-ban (Handbook on the Chinese Environment, 2009–2010), among other works.
Japanese Business Prospects in China’s Changing Environmental Industry2015.12.24

January 2013 saw massive air pollution in Beijing and surrounding areas. While the thick PM2.5 smog brought the severity of environmental problems in China to the attention of many people, China had been riddled with grave environmental issues from well before the incident, having taken insufficient efforts to protect the environment in the face of the rapid growth of its economy beginning in the …

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