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Political analyst. Graduated from Keiō University and joined Jiji Press in 1964. Served as a reporter in the politics department and as a correspondent in New York and in Washington; later became managing editor and board member. His works include Isameru: Bōkoku no seiji ni keishō (Sounding the Alarm Against Politics That Will Ruin the Country; coauthor; 2010).
The Letdown of Abe’s Timid Policy Speech2013.02.14

“What is this?” I found myself muttering to myself incredulously as I listened to Prime Minister Abe Shinzō deliver his general policy speech to the National Diet on January 28. It was not so much a general policy speech as a declaration of timidity. He used the word kiki (“crisis,” “critical”) a full 14 times, which was fine, but he did not utter so much as a single syllable about the Senkaku Isl…

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