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Professor of media sociology at Keisen University. Journalist and critic. Born in 1958 in Tokyo. Studied in the College of Liberal Arts and completed further study in comparative culture at International Christian University. Has held positions in the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization and human rights committees. His works include Ryūkō jinruigaku kuronikuru (Chronicle of Fashionable Anthropology) and Genpatsu hōdō to media (Nuclear Power Coverage and the Media), for which he won the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities.
The End of Japan’s Sense of Security2015.03.04

Successive catastrophes in 1995 shocked Japan as the deadliest earthquake in decades was followed by unprecedented sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway. Media sociologist Takeda Tōru examines how Japan has lost the sense of security it had during its growth years and suggests the way forward is to consciously build a new system of trust.

The Great STAP Cell Commotion2014.05.19

The uproar over the STAP cell papers and the doubts raised about their authenticity goes beyond science, offering an insight into the current state of Japanese society. Media sociologist Takeda Tōru describes Riken’s attempts to use public relations techniques to boost interest in its results and how this plan backfired.

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