Takemori Ryōichi
  • Takemori Ryōichi 
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Editor-in-chief of Wago magazine. Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1962. Previously worked in advertising, as a landscape gardener, and as editor of a gardening magazine.
Listening to the Voices of Trees: The Bonsai World of Kawabe Takeo2017.04.14

Ōmiya-based Kawabe Takeo is a bonsai artist with a difference. His groundbreaking approach has overturned the conventions of bonsai and brought him international acclaim. We talked to him about his search for a more natural approach to bonsai aesthetics.

Following the Way of the Gods: Shintō Priest Florian Wiltschko2016.11.21

Austrian-born Florian Wiltschko is a Shintō priest who has been interested in Japan from a young age. He notes that there is great wisdom in the Shintō approach to life that can help us return to a state of divine innocence.

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