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Political journalist. Born in 1944 in Heilongjiang province in China. Joined the newspaper company Nikkei after graduating from Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics, with a degree in political economy. Published works include Kokka to seiji: Kiki no jidai no shidōsha zō. (State and Politics: Profiles of Leaders in an Age of Crisis) and Shimakura Chiyoko to iu jinsei (The Life of Shimakura Chiyoko).
Emperor Should Have Right to Retire2016.10.17

In a video message that was broadcast across Japan, Emperor Akihito expressed a desire to abdicate in favor of his son Crown Prince Naruhito. I have watched that video message many times, and also read through the transcript. Over the nearly half century I have spent as a political journalist, I have heard many addresses delivered by leaders, but I had never heard a message delivered so succinct…

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