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Journalist. Born in Wakayama in 1948. Graduated from Sophia University with a degree in economics. Worked as columnist and senior feature writer at Nikkei and served on the paper’s editorial board. His works include 1971 nen shijōka to nettoka no kigen (1971, the Era of Commercialization and Rise of the Internet). Member of the Nippon.com editorial board.
Japan Forfeits 30 Years to the Gyrations of the Yen2016.04.14

What was once called Japan’s lost decade has now persisted for much longer than 10 years. Despite hopes that the policies of Abenomics would generate a virtuous circle of recovery, turmoil overtook the world economy before they could do so. The yen appreciated, stock prices fell, and it does not seem likely that the negative interest rate of the Bank of Japan will resuscitate the economy. Jap…

Clock Ticking Down on Upper House Reform2015.07.02

The House of Councillors is currently in a state of unconstitutionality, and unless sweeping reforms are enacted quickly, next summer’s election will no doubt be judged to be unconstitutional.

Fifty Years On, Japan’s High Court Yet to Act on Vote Disparity2014.12.15

A recent ruling by Japan’s Supreme Court declaring yet another national election was carried out in a state of unconstitutionality has once more brought the issue of vote disparity to the fore. This article looks at the background of the perennial issue of malapportionment and considers why effective reform has not been achieved.

Second-Generation Chief Justice a First for the Supreme Court2014.05.01

New Chief Justice to the Supreme Court Terada Itsurō comes to the bench as cases on the constitutionality of Japan’s vote disparity reach the high court. All eyes are on how the former legal bureaucrat will rule.

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