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Professor of comparative literature at Tsinghua University, where he specializes in Chinese and Japanese literature and the regional cultures of Northeast Asia. Born in 1954, in Jilin, China. After graduating from Northeast Normal University in China, pursued graduate studies at Osaka University of Foreign Studies and later taught at Iwate University. Has published widely on Chinese and Japanese literature.
Mo Yan’s Creative Reading2013.05.13

Chinese novelist Mo Yan (1955–), winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, delivered a Nobel lecture titled "Storytellers" at the Swedish Academy last December. Much of the speech was devoted to recollections of his childhood in the county of Gaomi, Shandong Province, a rural community that appears in his fiction as Northeast Gaomi Township. Mo Yan spoke at length of the poverty, hunger, and s…

Rereading “Shūyō” by Nitobe Inazō2012.12.04

After discovering that Central Compilation and Translation Press in Beijing had published a Chinese translation of Shūyō (Cultivating the Mind) by Nitobe Inazō (1862–1933), I decided to reread that book. I was keen to see how the translators, Wang Cheng and Chen Yu, had rendered it into modern Chinese. On the sleeve of the book, which was published in May 2009, there is a promotional blurb that…

Lu Xun and Japan2012.06.21

Lu Xun (penname of Zhou Shuren, 1881–1936), the man who would become the most influential Chinese writer of the modern age, boarded the Ta Chang Maru in Nanjing on March 24, 1902, and set sail via Shanghai for Japan. He arrived in Yokohama on April 4, and began his life as a student at the Kōbun Gakuin, an academy for Chinese students run by Kanō Jigorō, the famous founder of modern jūdō. This yea…

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