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2015.04.01 Shibuya Pioneers with Partnership Certificates for Same-Sex Couples
2015.03.31 ADB President Open to Idea of Cooperating with New Chinese Investment Bank
2015.03.17 Mario and Luigi on Your Smartphone? Nintendo, DeNA Announce Business Alliance
2015.02.27 Nobel Laureate Amano Sees Bright Future for LEDs
2015.02.16 Hokuriku Shinkansen Set for March Launch Staff
2015.02.12 Hakuhō Rewrites Record Books as Foreign Wrestlers Tighten Grip on Sumō World
2015.01.26 Exporting the Maglev Dream: Can the Bullet Train Go Global?
2015.01.09 The Trouble with Smartphones: Headaches for Sony, Nintendo, and NTT Docomo
2014.12.16 Lower House Election Provides Little Drama as LDP Stays in Power
2014.12.04 Hayabusa 2 Lifts Off, Seeking Clues to the Origins of Life
2014.11.19 Nishikori Kei Finishes Season Ranked Fifth
2014.11.18 Cinema Star Takakura Ken Passes Away at 83
2014.11.13 Kuroda Launches Fresh Salvo in Effort to Stimulate Economy
2014.10.31 Tokyo Holds Steady at Fourth in World Ranking
2014.10.20 Abe Cabinet Rocked by Double Resignation
2014.10.09 Calls for Joint Japan-UK Action Against Crises
2014.10.08 Physics Nobel Goes to Three Japanese Researchers
2014.10.08 New Training for Safer Seas: The Heads of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting
2014.10.02 Ontake Erupts, Shows Difficulty of Predicting Volcanic Disaster
2014.09.12 Dengue Fever Outbreak Catches Tokyo by Surprise
2014.09.09 Nishikori Falls Short in US Open Final
2014.06.24 Come Rain Come Shine: The Weather in Japan
2014.05.28 The Rise of Synthetic Drugs in Asia
2014.05.01 UNESCO Listing for Tomioka Silk Mill
2014.04.09 After Riken Confirms Misconduct in STAP Cell Papers, Obokata Haruko Fights Back
2014.02.10 Masuzoe Yōichi: Tokyo’s Next Governor
2014.01.14 Washoku Designated UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
2014.01.09 Tense Diet Passes New State Secrets Law
2013.12.25 Japan Launches Its Own National Security Council
Harano Jōji
2013.12.19 Tokyo Governor Inose Resigns: Brought Down by Money Scandal

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