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2016.12.07 SoftBank’s Son Tells Trump of Plan to Invest $50 Billion in US (News)
2016.12.06 JR East Unveils All-Suite Deluxe Sleeper Train Before Debut in Spring (News)
2016.12.06 Star Ballplayer Ōtani Given Club’s OK for Move to US (News)
2016.12.06 Japan’s Abe to Make Historic Visit to Pearl Harbor in Late December (News)
2016.12.05 “Your Name” Wins LA Film Critics Award (News)
2016.12.05 Loss-Making Railway Section in Hokkaidō Ends 95-Year History (News)
2016.12.05 Abe Becomes Fourth-Longest Serving Leader in Postwar Japan (News)
2016.12.01 9 of 16 Experts Positive about Emperor’s Abdication (News)
2016.12.01 Japanese-Discovered 113th Element Officially Named Nihonium (News)
2016.11.30 Japan Launches Measures to Prevent Spread of Bird Flu (News)
2016.11.30 Universal Studios Parks to Open Nintendo Areas (News)
2016.11.28 22 Members of “Cannabis Community” in Nagano Arrested (News)
2016.11.25 Refugee Applications in Japan January–September Exceed 7,900 (News)
2016.11.24 Japan-South Korea Pact to Enable Sharing of Wide Info on North Korea (News)
2016.11.24 Go Master Cho Wins Series with AI (News)
2016.11.24 Elderly Drivers Who Return Licenses to Get Ramen Discount (News)
2016.11.22 Powerful Quake Strikes Fukushima, Causing Tsunami (News)
2016.11.21 Abe Seeks Steady Progress in Territorial Talks with Russia (News)
2016.11.19 Tokyo 2020 to Use Recycled Gold in Medals
2016.11.18 Abe Confident of Trust Relationship with Trump (News)
2016.11.18 Over 80% Back Reduction of Emperor’s Official Duties (News)
2016.11.17 New Japanese Restaurant Area to Open in Narita Airport (News)
2016.11.16 Japan Panel Approves 50% Price Cut for Cancer Drug Opdivo (News)
2016.11.15 Mifune Toshirō Given Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (News)
2016.11.15 Three Experts Oppose Emperor’s Possible Abdication, Two Others in Favor (News)
2016.11.14 Japan, India Sign Nuclear Cooperation Pact (News)
2016.11.11 Japanese Icebreaker Shirase Leaves for Antarctica (News)
2016.11.11 Uncertainty in Japan as Trump Wins the White House
2016.11.10 Abe, Trump to Hold First Meeting in New York on November 17 (News)
2016.11.09 Huge Sinkhole Appears in Fukuoka (News)

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