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2015.09.10 Get Ready: China-Japan Tensions Set to Flare over East China Sea
Jeffrey Hornung
2015.09.09 Abe’s Growth-First Fiscal Policy
Tobias Harris
2015.09.07 Who Is the Author of Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan?
Vassili Molodiakov
2015.09.04 Meeting Japanese Remorse with Chinese Acceptance
Ma Licheng
2015.08.31 Abe Opens a Door with Carefully Crafted War Anniversary Statement
Daniel Sneider
2015.08.18 The Abe Statement: A Balancing Act That Leaves Work to Be Done
Andrew Gordon
2015.08.06 Mexican-Style Maruchan: Japanese Food Overseas as Seen Through the Success of an Instant Ramen Brand
Isami Romero
2015.07.27 The Abe Government Grapples with Low IT Investment
Tobias Harris
2015.07.24 The U.S.-Japan Council Effect: Diversity and Leadership to Strengthen Bilateral Relations
Suzanne Basalla
2015.07.21 Japan’s Economy at a Turning Point
Itoh Motoshige
2015.07.16 Words to Worry About: The Danger of Media Bias in Okinawa
Robert D. Eldridge
2015.07.13 When Japonism Bewitched Europe
Watanabe Hirotaka
2015.07.06 Cherry Blossoms, Hot Springs, and Blue Movies: Chinese Tourism and Japan’s Image Gap
Nakajima Kei
2015.06.25 Coffee and Identity at Starbucks Japan: A Matter of Culture
Pablo Figueroa
2015.06.25 Japanese Corporations Find Their Way Down South
Mori Norikazu
2015.06.24 Building Bridges: Japan’s Kakehashi Initiative Toward the Future
Suzanne Basalla
2015.06.18 Being Both Bambi and Godzilla
Giulio Pugliese
2015.06.17 Yoku Moku Seduces the UAE Sweet Tooth
Harano Jōji
2015.05.29 Talking Points from the 2015 Asia-Africa Conference in Jakarta
Richard Susilo
2015.05.15 Prime Minister Abe’s Trip to the United States: The Official and the Unofficial
Glen S. Fukushima
2015.05.11 Presidential Visit Underscores Closeness of Indonesia-Japan Ties
Richard Susilo
2015.04.27 Seventy Years Since World War II: Historical Perceptions and Present Realities
Watanabe Tsuneo
2015.04.24 The Road Not Taken
Kent Calder
2015.04.24 Dogwoods for Cherries: The Other Sylvan Centennial in the US-Japanese Relationship
Harano Jōji
2015.03.06 The Expanding Cosplay Universe
Inui Tatsumi
2015.02.25 The Furious Theater of Women’s Professional Wrestling in Japan
Yanagisawa Takeshi
2015.02.13 Understanding North Korea Through Money-Flow Mechanisms
Roh Daniel
2015.01.22 Terror Strikes During Abe’s Mideast Trip
Kamal Gaballa
2015.01.14 Takakura Ken and Sugawara Bunta: Male-Male Bonds on the Silver Screen
Yomota Inuhiko
2015.01.13 Approaching the Seventieth Anniversary of the End of the War
Sven Saaler

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