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2014.04.16 The Problems of Science Management: Riken Is No Isolated Case
Sven Saaler
2014.04.04 Japan’s Music Industry: Back on Its Downward Track
Ian Martin
2014.03.24 Growth Ahead for Indie Games in Japan
Jason Coskrey
2014.03.04 Lawmakers Raise a Cup to Local Sake
Hitora Tadashi
2014.02.28 Legendary 41-year-old Powers Japan’s Ski Jumping Revival
Yanai Yumiko
2014.02.26 Asada Mao’s Skating Comeback Wins Hearts
Yanai Yumiko
2014.02.20 At the Sochi Games: The Olympic Atmosphere Around Town
Yanai Yumiko
2014.02.19 A Post-Plushenko Champion: Hanyū Yuzuru Wins Figure Skating Gold
Yanai Yumiko
2014.02.04 Lost in Translation: “Malesh” and Other Linguistic Hazards
Ehab Ahmed Ebeid
2014.02.03 Japan’s Gold Medal Hopefuls at Sochi
Yanai Yumiko
2014.01.23 Is Japan Drifting Toward Isolation?
Sven Saaler
2014.01.10 Orchestrating Translations: The Case of Murakami Haruki
Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit
2013.12.06 China—Shadow or Torch for Asia?
Ogoura Kazuo
2013.12.05 The Impact of Koizumi’s Call for Zero Nuclear Power
Harano Jōji
2013.12.02 Japanese Words to Improve Our Relations—and Ourselves
Ehab Ahmed Ebeid
2013.11.29 Japanese Cinema’s Formula for Success as Seen at the Tokyo International Film Festival
Alastruey Txabi
2013.11.18 Dubai’s No. 1 Fan of All Things Japanese
Chino Keiko
2013.11.07 No Vision Yet in Sight for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games
Sven Saaler
2013.10.15 Learning From the Chōshū Five: A Conference in London Discusses the Past and Future of Japan’s Relations with Great Britain
Harano Jōji
2013.10.08 Japan and South Korea: Time for a Reboot
Hosoya Yuichi
2013.10.04 The Politics of the Tax Hike and Abenomics
Takenaka Harukata
2013.09.27 Ties with Britain Expand Japan’s Diplomatic Options
Sasakawa Yōhei
2013.09.17 Corporate Executives Need to Engage with IT Issues
Ono Ryuji
2013.09.10 Japan’s Gaffe-prone Politicians
Sven Saaler
2013.09.09 Neon Colors Light Up the Streets
Watanabe Asuka
2013.09.05 The “Atomization” of Populations and the Rise of Sudden Protest Movements
Ogoura Kazuo
2013.09.03 Getting More Young People to Study Abroad—and Companies to Hire Those Who Do
Harano Jōji
2013.09.02 For Abe, the Neighbors Remain Hard to Reach
Suzuki Yoshikatsu
2013.08.27 Online Media in Japan: Can the Huffington Approach Succeed?
Ōtani Kōta
2013.08.15 Fuji Rock: A World of Music On Display
Ian Martin

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