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2014.10.23 Tokyo Game Show: A Last Chance for Xbox?
Jason Coskrey
2014.10.21 Chilling Changes in the Japan–South Korea Relationship
Roh Daniel
2014.10.10 Celebrating 50 Years Since the Tokyo Olympics: Reflections and Thoughts for the Future
Fukiura Tadamasa
2014.09.30 AKB48 Popularity “Fanned” by its General Election
Nagata Hiroaki
2014.09.16 Japan Soccer Program Looks to Experience
Yanai Yumiko
2014.09.11 Scarecrows Stand Watch over Village on Borrowed Time
Harano Jōji
2014.09.01 Hashimoto Kanna and the 40-Plus Consumers of Idol Culture
Uno Tsunehiro
2014.08.25 Slowing the Population Drain From Japan’s Regions
Hitora Tadashi
2014.08.22 China’s Latest Food Safety Scandal: A Shanghai Media Exposé Delivers a Message from Beijing
Shida Kenzō
2014.08.18 Debate Persists Over WWI Blame
Sven Saaler
2014.08.15 The Glow of the Human Touch: Why Shoeshine Stands are Making a Comeback
Ahmed M. F. Mostafa
2014.08.08 AKB48: The Return of Idol Music and the Rise of the Superfan
Ian Martin
2014.08.05 The Curious Solidarity Between China and Korea
Ogoura Kazuo
2014.08.04 Thomas Noguchi, Legendary Hollywood Coroner
Yamada Toshihiro
2014.07.28 The PLA’s Rising Prominence
Tanaka Naoki
2014.07.08 The Lessons of Brazil 2014
Yanai Yumiko
2014.07.02 The Sexist Abuse That Threatens to Shake the Nation
Mamiya Jun
2014.07.01 Brazil 2014: Greener Grass Inside the Stadiums
Yanai Yumiko
2014.06.30 Can Korea Overcome the Blow of April 16?
Ogoura Kazuo
2014.06.25 Of Culture Shock and “Shokunin” Culture
Liao Baming
2014.06.18 A Loss for Japan, But a Clear Path Forward for Its Soccer
Yanai Yumiko
2014.06.16 Twenty-Five Years After Tiananmen: The Flame of Democracy Still Burns in China
Shida Kenzō
2014.06.13 Becoming Japanese: Zaccheroni’s Shift to Attacking Soccer
Yanai Yumiko
2014.06.12 The National Decline that Lifted AKB48 to the Top
Mamiya Jun
2014.06.11 Kim’s Big Gambit, Abe’s Big Gamble
Lee Young-hwa
2014.06.06 Will Rising Tensions in the South China Sea Spill Over into the East China Sea?
Ogawa Kazuhisa
2014.06.03 Chinese Investors Not Dazzled by Japan’s Property Market
Shida Kenzō
2014.06.02 Sneakers for a God
Alexander N. Meshcheryakov
2014.05.26 The True Benefits of Studying in Japan
Almoamen Abdalla
2014.05.13 2013 in Japanese Fashion
Shimada Yūki

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