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2017.03.20 Mystical Impressions: Views of Luck in Japan and Abroad
Ehab Ahmed Ebeid
2017.03.13 What Tōhoku Can Teach Harvard Business School Students
Yamazaki Mayuka
2017.03.10 Empress Michiko: The Times and Trials of the Emperor’s Devoted Consort
Watanabe Midori
2017.02.27 The Issue of Hospitality at the Tokyo Paralympics
Sakurai Seiichi
2017.02.15 Sugiura Shigemine: The Japanese Pilot Who Became a God in Taiwan
Katakura Yoshifumi
2017.02.08 Lafcadio Hearn and the Lessons of Jūdō: Leveraging an Opponent’s Strength
Sanada Hisashi
2016.12.26 Alexithymia: The Emotional Disconnect Behind the Mask of Normalcy
Saitō Satoru
2016.11.18 First Polls After Trump’s Victory Show Uneasy Japanese Public
Tobias Harris
2016.10.17 Emperor Should Have Right to Retire
Tase Yasuhiro
2016.10.10 Survey Shows Japanese Largely Satisfied—Except, Perhaps, About Incomes
Tobias Harris
2016.09.22 Ninoshima: Island of Refuge
Naomi Hirahara
2016.09.01 An Old Woman and Her Russian Cat
Alexander N. Meshcheryakov
2016.08.03 Japan Men’s Team Looking to End Soccer Medal Drought in Rio
Yanai Yumiko
2016.07.28 When Beatlemania Came to Japan
Hoshika Rumiko
2016.07.01 A New Administration in Taiwan: Prospects for Relations with Japan
Nojima Tsuyoshi
2016.06.24 The Greening of Japanese Politics?
Winifred Bird
2016.06.02 Changing Career Goals for Female Students in Japan
Uehara Yoshiko
2016.05.30 “Shūkatsu”: How Japanese Students Hunt for Jobs
Uehara Yoshiko
2016.05.27 Impact of New Teenage Voters Uncertain
Tobias Harris
2016.05.25 The Lure of Tainan: The “Roots” of Taiwan with Links to Japan
Hitoto Tae
2016.05.24 Are Loanwords a Threat to the Japanese Language?
Ehab Ahmed Ebeid
2016.05.23 Translating the Impossible Dream: “Don Quixote” and Japan
Gonzalo Robledo
2016.05.06 A Boy Named Bonsai
Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit
2016.04.19 The Early Morning Pitch: Weekly Forum Pairs Start-Ups with Business Partners
2016.04.14 Japan Forfeits 30 Years to the Gyrations of the Yen
Tsuchiya Hideo
2016.04.12 Year of the Drone
2016.03.31 Disaster and the Japanese Spirit
Alexander N. Meshcheryakov
2016.03.24 High Court Decisions Augur Long Road to Equality
Muta Kazue
2016.03.23 China’s Resource-Consuming Economy Reaches Turning Point
Tanaka Naoki
2016.03.22 Shifting the Employment Debate: “Nonregular” Focus Distracts and Misleads
Genda Yūji

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