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2015.04.24 The Road Not Taken
Kent Calder
2015.04.24 Dogwoods for Cherries: The Other Sylvan Centennial in the US-Japanese Relationship
Harano Jōji
2015.03.06 The Expanding Cosplay Universe
Inui Tatsumi
2015.02.25 The Furious Theater of Women’s Professional Wrestling in Japan
Yanagisawa Takeshi
2015.02.13 Understanding North Korea Through Money-Flow Mechanisms
Roh Daniel
2015.01.22 Terror Strikes During Abe’s Mideast Trip
Kamal Gaballa
2015.01.14 Takakura Ken and Sugawara Bunta: Male-Male Bonds on the Silver Screen
Yomota Inuhiko
2015.01.13 Approaching the Seventieth Anniversary of the End of the War
Sven Saaler
2014.12.19 New Web Paradigm Poses Challenges and Opportunities
Kurosaka Tatsuya
2014.12.12 Behind the Mask: Revealing the Ties Between Pro Wrestling in Mexico and Japan
Isami Romero
2014.11.27 Skid Row, Yokohama: Homelessness and Welfare in Japan
Tom Gill
2014.11.20 Film Festival Follow-up: Looking Back at TIFF 2014
James Hadfield
2014.11.18 The Rich History and Uncertain Future of Bunraku Puppet Theater
Harano Jōji
2014.11.17 Curing the “Samurai Blues”: Bringing a Great Wave of Improvement to Japan’s Soccer
Yanagisawa Takeshi
2014.11.11 The Lessons of World War I and Twenty-first Century International Relations
Sven Saaler
2014.11.10 In Search of the Northern Silk Road: From China to Japan Through the Russian Far East
Aihara Hideki
2014.11.06 Niconico’s Comment-Enhanced Videos Build Fervent Young Community
Rick Masuzawa
2014.10.23 Tokyo Game Show: A Last Chance for Xbox?
Jason Coskrey
2014.10.21 Chilling Changes in the Japan–South Korea Relationship
Roh Daniel
2014.10.10 Celebrating 50 Years Since the Tokyo Olympics: Reflections and Thoughts for the Future
Fukiura Tadamasa
2014.09.30 AKB48 Popularity “Fanned” by its General Election
Nagata Hiroaki
2014.09.16 Japan Soccer Program Looks to Experience
Yanai Yumiko
2014.09.11 Scarecrows Stand Watch over Village on Borrowed Time
Harano Jōji
2014.09.01 Hashimoto Kanna and the 40-Plus Consumers of Idol Culture
Uno Tsunehiro
2014.08.25 Slowing the Population Drain From Japan’s Regions
Hitora Tadashi
2014.08.22 China’s Latest Food Safety Scandal: A Shanghai Media Exposé Delivers a Message from Beijing
Shida Kenzō
2014.08.18 Debate Persists Over WWI Blame
Sven Saaler
2014.08.15 The Glow of the Human Touch: Why Shoeshine Stands are Making a Comeback
Ahmed M. F. Mostafa
2014.08.08 AKB48: The Return of Idol Music and the Rise of the Superfan
Ian Martin
2014.08.05 The Curious Solidarity Between China and Korea
Ogoura Kazuo

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