From the editor in chief

2014.03.31 The Three Principles on Arms Exports: Why Are They Up for Replacement?
2014.02.27 Include Nuclear Power in Japan’s Basic Energy Plan
2014.01.20 China’s Rise in a Shifting World Economy: Divergence Between the East Asian and Global Views
2013.11.20 China’s Summit Diplomacy and the Geopolitics of the “Indo-Pacific” Region
2013.10.09 Policy for Science, Science for Policy
2013.08.12 Abe’s Mandate; China’s Face-off with ASEAN
2013.07.02 Tokyo Election; Xi-Obama Meeting; G8 Summit
2013.05.31 The History Issue Clouding Japan’s Relations with Its Neighbors
2013.04.30 Japan’s Admission to the TPP Talks, Aung San Suu Kyi’s Visit
2013.04.09 Science and Technology Policy: Abe’s Bold Reform Plan
2013.03.06 Trade Pact Progress, Nuclear Plant Faultfinding
2013.01.30 Abe’s Visit to Southeast Asia and Japan’s Five New Diplomatic Principles
2012.12.26 Election 2012: The People’s Verdict, Abe’s Agenda
2012.11.20 Nobel Selection, Noda Rejection
2012.10.23 Noda’s Policy Muddles
2012.09.24 Enduring a Chill in Ties with South Korea
2012.08.23 China’s Diplomatic Offensive: Consequences for Regional Relations
2012.07.19 The DPJ Should Deal Firmly with the Rebels in Its Ranks
2012.06.21 Looking Ahead in Promoting Free Trade and Sustaining Japan’s Defense Industry
2012.05.14 Revision of the Three Principles on Arms Exports, Assistance for Myanmar
2012.04.06 Japan’s Idled Nuclear Plants, Iran, and Geopolitical Risks
2012.03.02 Political Responsibility and the Public Loss of Confidence in the Government
2012.02.08 Raising the Consumption Tax: An Imperative Task
2012.01.11 A Year of Historical Turning Points?
2011.12.09 Evolving a New Order for the Asia-Pacific
2011.11.08 Noda’s Rocky Road
2011.10.03 The Launch of a New Online Journal

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