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Araki Nobuyoshi: An Artistic Rebel, UnbowedLegends: Japan’s Most Notable NamesIizawa Kōtarō

Araki Nobuyoshi began his career as a rebel and is now one of the world’s reigning masters of photography. A critic and close friend of the artist looks back over Araki’s prolific and sometimes tempestuous life.

“Miai”: Meetings to Arrange MarriagesJapan Glances

Until the postwar period, most Japanese weddings were arranged through miai, formal meetings set up by a matchmaker. The practice continues today on a smaller scale, although the meetings are now typically arranged by specialist businesses.

Love Forever: The Genius of Kusama YayoiLegends: Japan’s Most Notable NamesTatehata Akira

With major exhibitions opening in Japan and North America this year, 87-year-old Kusama Yayoi, known for her “obsessive” repetition of polka dots and reticulated patterns, is one of the most widely admired figures on the contemporary art scene today. Longtime champion Tatehata Akira traces the roots and evolution of her eccentric yet highly compelling idiom, from the “naked happenings” of the 1960s to the dazzling “pumpkin” installations of recent years.

Recognizing What You Have: Lessons from Elder Care in ThailandAging in Japan and Across AsiaAsada Rei

The aging of society in Thailand outstrips that in all other ASEAN countries. Thai government policy identifies “family and community” as core providers of care, a stance reflecting cultural and social traditions. But how do the people of Thailand approach care for older citizens in day-to-day life? This is the first installment of a two-part report on observations from fieldwork in Thailand.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic VenuesJapan Data

The venues for events in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games have now been decided. They are listed here, along with details on how to get to each one and other information.

Free Apps for Life and Travel in JapanJapan Data

Whether a tourist or a resident in Japan, there are a large number of smartphone apps that make life easier. This article includes apps for traveling, finding restaurants, and staying safe.

Kitano Takeshi: Marching to His Own Creative “Beat”Legends: Japan’s Most Notable NamesUno Koremasa

Kitano Takeshi has established a unique position for himself, appearing as a popular comedian on Japanese TV while simultaneously winning international acclaim as a serious filmmaker. Meet the unique creator who has for many years lived a double life as mass entertainer and creative artist.

Japanese DialectsJapan Glances

Japan has a wide variety of distinctive regional dialects. While the spread of standard Japanese, referred to as hyōjungo, has made it easier for people from different areas to communicate, many feel that local vernaculars convey greater warmth and friendliness.

Timeline for January 2017Japan Timeline

Japanese diplomats are called back from South Korea, the emperor’s abdication path becomes clearer, and TEPCO locates meltdown debris for the first time. These are the top news stories for January 2017.

NGO Support for Elderly Health, Independence in the PhilippinesAging in Japan and Across AsiaKashiwagi Shiho

The Philippine population, which now exceeds 100 million, has already begun to gray. National and local governments are making progress on support for older residents, but volunteers and NGOs are increasingly expected to fill the gaps left by insufficient funding and other difficulties.

Number of Suicides in Japan Continues to FallJapan Data

In 2015, roughly 24,000 persons committed suicide in Japan. This is a decrease of 10,000 deaths compared to the peak year of 2003, when 34,427 individuals ended their own lives. Despite the decrease, Japan’s suicide rate remains high compared to other industrialized countries.

Filipino Hospitality and Respect for the AgedAging in Japan and Across AsiaKashiwagi Shiho

In the Philippines, like other Southeast Asian countries, caring for older people falls mostly to family members, but private organizations step in to help older people who live alone or are in difficult financial situations. This warm and human response to genuine need also reflects the Filipino tradition of respect for one’s elders.

What Japanese Search For: The Top Internet Keywords of 2016This Year in Japanese

Major search engines Google and Yahoo! Japan released their top Japanese search terms for 2016. The rankings provide insight into topics that most interested Japanese net users.

Dictionary Pros Pick Their Top New Words for 2016This Year in Japanese

Two major dictionary publishers have announced their new words of the year for 2016. As the Japanese language continues to evolve, it borrows and coins new terms at a rapid clip—and these, say the publishers, are the ones most likely to stick around long enough to end up in their dictionaries.

Timeline for December 2016Japan Timeline

Prime Minister Abe visits Pearl Harbor, an Osprey crash-lands off Okinawa, and the House of Representatives passes casino legislation. Look back at the key Japan-related stories of December 2016.

Nail Salons in JapanJapan Glances

Japan’s nail salons are popular with international visitors who wish to experience local styles. Nail art in Japan, more flamboyant than in the West, can include 3D decorations and anime characters in the design.

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