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Japan has been changing its prime minister annually. Will it be possible to recover international trust? Are there people capable of achieving a breakthrough? Takenaka Harukata of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, interviews politicians with promise from both the ruling and opposition parties.

Kitagami Keirō, Vice Minister of Economy, Trade, and IndustryTakenaka Harukata

This second installment in our series of interviews with rising Japanese politicians introduces Kitagami Keirō, vice minister of economy, trade, and industry. Kitagami reflects on his experiences since joining the cabinet and his ideas for how to reform Japanese politics.

House of Representatives Member Saitō KenTakenaka Harukata

Does the world of Japanese politics, caught up in ongoing confusion, have a future? This is the first in a series of interviews with up-and-coming politicians from the ruling and opposition parties. Our first interviewee is Saitō Ken, a well-reputed freshman Diet member from the opposition LDP.

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