The Road to Hit Products by Kitamura Mori

Despite Japan’s lackluster economy, many small and medium-sized enterprises are generating hit products by going back to the basics of product making. Kitamura Mori, former editor-in-chief of Nikkei Trendy and a product journalist, discusses the secrets behind popular products in Japan today.

Convenience Store Sushi: A Surprising SuccessKitamura Mori

Among the various convenience store chains that have started to sell packages of chilled sushi, one in particular stands out for the quality of its product. What is the story behind its achievement?

Small Cloth Bag Sells Over Three MillionKitamura Mori

The idea for a successful product often comes from the most ordinary of places. The “Dot Pouch” is a small towel in the shape of a pouch that has a simple design but offers versatility and convenience that have won over consumers. In the fourth article in the “Road to Hit Products” series, Kitamura Mori tells the story.

New Twists on Famous Local SpecialtiesKitamura Mori

This third article in the “Road to Hit Products” series looks at two popular local gift items: Sachi no Kowake, a lineup of specialties from Toyama Prefecture, and Ikiteiru Nori, a seafood product from Tokushima Prefecture. Their popularity is the result of a commitment to quality and a focus on local potential.

Small Firms, World-Class KitchenwareKitamura Mori

This article, the second in the Road to Hit Products series, introduces Vermicular, an enameled cast iron pot, and the Multispeed Mixer food processor. Both products were developed by small, unknown firms with no previous experience in cookware.

The Essence of Product Journalism Is Being Skeptical

What is needed in product development in order to create hit products? In the first installment in our new series, “The Road to Hit Products by Kitamura Mori,” the former Nikkei Trendy editor-in-chief and product journalist offers heated commentary on the background to hit products from the perspectives of both the consumer and the maker.

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