Ramen Goes Global

Ramen, a noodle dish with Chinese roots, met with booming success in postwar Japan to become a national favorite and is now making inroads around the world. This series of articles includes insights from a professional ramen eater, an examination of a popular chain’s expansion overseas, and a comparison with traditional “washoku” cuisine.

Japanese Ramen Firms Dig Into International Market

Ramen is increasingly popular with diners around the world. And a growing number of Japanese purveyors of the noodle cuisine are setting up shop overseas. Nippon.com examines the experience of two Japanese companies: a large, well-established chain that is building a market presence in Europe, North America, and Oceania and an upstart venture business that is focusing on Southeast Asian markets.

Ramen Takes Off as Global Soul FoodIshiyama Hayato

Ever since falling in love with ramen in his high-school days, Ishiyama Hayato has been submerged in the soupy, slurpy world of this popular noodle dish. Here he considers how ramen evolved to become a Japanese favorite that is winning overseas fans too.

Ramen vs. “Washoku”: The Changing Face of Japanese CuisineBarak Kushner

Ramen has gone global, with more and more shops opening up worldwide in the twenty-first century just as they spread rapidly throughout Japan in the twentieth. Yet the upstart noodle dish’s place within Japanese cuisine is still ambiguous. It stands as a kind of rival to the more established tradition of "washoku," recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage in 2013.

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