The War and Its Aftermath

World War II came to an end in 1945, more than seven decades ago, but it continues to exert an influence on world events today. What does this teach us about the process of reconciliation, and how can we prevent an outbreak of another global tragedy?

A Blessed Life: Taiwanese Soldier Who Fought for Japan Recounts His “Good Fortunes”

During World War II, many foreign nationals fought as members of the Japanese Imperial Army, including 200,000 from Taiwan, which Japan ruled at the time. One of them was Go Masao, now 89 years old, who lectures widely to young people on his unique experiences during and long after the war.

Honoring Enemy POWs: A Grassroots Initiative

For the past two decades, a memorial service has been held each year for Allied prisoners of war who died in Japan. The organizers of this event, held at a war cemetery in Yokohama, are private Japanese citizens. What motivates them to remember and honor their erstwhile enemies?

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