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The Latest Figures and Surveys

This series offers basic information about Japan in an easy-to-understand format using statistics and diagrams. Also presented are surveys and questionnaires about Japanese lifestyles and ways of thinking, along with updated information on the disaster recovery effort in Japan.

Japan’s Birthrate Drops Below 1 Million

The Japanese population shrank again in 2016, as the number of births fell below one million for the first time since statistics were first compiled. This article examines the year's demographic data from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.

Survey Finds Record Number of “Sexless” Married Couples in Japan

A 2016 survey by the Japan Family Planning Association found that the percentage of “sexless” married people, who have not had sexual intercourse for at least a month, reached its highest level, at 47.2%. This is a 2.6-point increase over the previous survey, conducted in 2014, and 15.3 points higher than the first such survey, carried out in 2004.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Venues

The venues for events in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games have now been decided. They are listed here, along with details on how to get to each one and other information.

Free Apps for Life and Travel in Japan

Whether a tourist or a resident in Japan, there are a large number of smartphone apps that make life easier. This article includes apps for traveling, finding restaurants, and staying safe.

Number of Suicides in Japan Continues to Fall

In 2015, roughly 24,000 persons committed suicide in Japan. This is a decrease of 10,000 deaths compared to the peak year of 2003, when 34,427 individuals ended their own lives. Despite the decrease, Japan’s suicide rate remains high compared to other industrialized countries.

Float Festivals Inscribed on UNESCO Intangible Heritage List

On November 30, UNESCO selected 33 Japanese festivals for its list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity at an intergovernmental committee meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Japan’s First “Karōshi” White Paper

On October 7, the Japanese government published its first karōshi white paper, assessing the problem of death by overwork. It reveals that at one in five companies, employees risk seriously damaging their health by doing over 80 hours overtime per month.

Loveless and Single—and Happy That Way

A recent survey in Japan, found around 70% of unmarried men and 60% of unmarried women aged 18 to 34 were not currently in a relationship. Economic and social factors appear to be behind the declining importance of romance in the lives of young Japanese.

Share of Working Moms Hits Record-High 68%

The Survey of Living Conditions compiled by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare show that 68.1% of Japanese mothers with children under 18 years old were gainfully employed in 2015. The rate, the highest since the survey began monitoring working mothers in 2004, reflects an increase in the number of single mothers and overall growth in women’s workforce participation.

Free Apps for Studying Japanese

There are many free smartphone apps available for learning Japanese. This article introduces some of the better options.

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