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Japan’s Olympics: 2016 Medalists and Historic Medal Totals
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Japanese athletes won a record 41 medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This article lists all the medal winners as well as Japan’s medal totals for past Summer Olympics.

Japan’s Results at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics

Gold Silver Bronze
12 8 21
Total 41


Sports Events Athletes
Swimming Men’s 400-meter individual medley Hagino Kōsuke
Women’s 200-meter breaststroke Kanetō Rie
Artistic gymnastics Men’s team Katō Ryōhei, Shirai Kenzō, Tanaka Yūsuke, Uchimura Kōhei, and Yamamuro Kōji
Men’s individual all-around Uchimura Kōhei
Jūdō Men’s 73-kilogram Ōno Shōhei
Men’s 90-kilogram Baker Mashū
Women’s 70-kilogram Tachimoto Haruka
Wrestling Women’s freestyle 48-kilogram Tōsaka Eri
Women’s freestyle 58-kilogram Ichō Kaori
Women’s freestyle 63-kilogram Kawai Risako
Women’s freestyle 69-kilogram Doshō Sara
Badminton Women’s doubles Takahashi Ayaka and Matsutomo Misaki
Sports Events Athletes
Swimming Men’s 200-meter butterfly Sakai Masato
Men’s 200-meter individual medley Hagino Kōsuke
Jūdō Men’s +100-kilogram Harasawa Hisayoshi
Wrestling Men’s freestyle 57-kilogram Higuchi Rei
Men’s Greco-Roman 59-kilogram Ōta Shinobu
Women’s freestyle 53-kilogram Yoshida Saori
Table tennis Men’ s team Mizutani Jun, Niwa Kōki, and Yoshimura Maharu
Athletics Men’s 4 x 100-meter relay Cambridge Asuka, Iizuka Shōta, Kiryū Yoshihide, and Yamagata Ryōta
Sports Events Athletes
Weightlifting Women’s 48-kilogram Miyake Hiromi
Swimming Men’s 400-meter individual medley Seto Daiya
Men’s 4 x 200-meter freestyle relay Ehara Naito, Hagino Kōsuke, Kobori Yūki, and Matsuda Takeshi
Women’s 200-meter butterfly Hoshi Natsumi
Jūdō Men’s 60-kilogram Takatō Naohisa
Men’s 66-kilogram Ebinuma Masashi
Men’s 81-kilogram Nagase Takanori
Men’s 100-kilogram Haga Ryūnosuke
Women’s 48-kilogram Kondō Ami
Women’s 52 -kilogram Nakamura Misato
Women’s  57-kilogram Matsumoto Kaoru
Women’s  +78-kilogram Yamabe Kanae
Canoe Men’s canoe slalom C-1 Haneda Takuya
Tennis Men’s singles Nishikori Kei
Artistic gymnastics Men’s vault Shirai Kenzō
Table tennis Men’s singles Mizutani Jun
Women’s team Fukuhara Ai, Ishikawa Kasumi, and Itō Mima
Synchronized swimming Duets Inui Yukiko and Mitsui Risako
Teams Hakoyama Aika, Hayashi Aiko, Inui Yukiko, Marumo Kei, Mitsui Risako, Nakamaki Kanami, Nakamura Mai, Omata Kano, and Yoshida Kurumi
Badminton Women’s singles Okuhara Nozomi
Athletics Men’s 50-kilometer walk Arai Hirooki

Results from Previous Summer Olympics

Year City Gold Silver Bronze Total Major Events
1912 Stockholm 0
1916 Berlin (cancelled) Cancelled
1920 Antwerp 2 2 Tennis
1924 Paris 1 1 Wrestling
1928 Amsterdam 2 2 1 5 Athletics, Swimming
1932 Los Angeles 7 7 4 18 Athletics, Swimming, Equestrian
1936 Berlin 6 4 10 20 Athletics, Swimming
1948 London Japan did not participate
1952 Helsinki 1 6 2 9 Wrestling, Swimming, Gymnastics
1956 Melbourne 4 10 5 19 Swimming, Gymnastics, Wrestling
1960 Rome 4 7 7 18 Gymnastics, Swimming, Wrestling, Shooting
1964 Tokyo 16 5 8 29 Boxing, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Weightlifting, Jūdō, Athletics, Swimming, Shooting
1968 Mexico City 11 7 7 25 Gymnastics, Wrestling, Weightlifting, Athletics, Volleyball, Football, Boxing
1972 Munich 13 8 8 29 Swimming, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Jūdō
1976 Montreal 9 6 10 25 Volleyball, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Jūdō, Archery, Weightlifting
1980 Moscow Japan did not participate
1984 Los Angeles 10 8 14 32 Gymnastics, Wrestling, Jūdō, Shooting, Swimming, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Cycling, Archery
1988 Seoul 4 3 7 14 Swimming, Wrestling, Jūdō, Shooting, Gymnastics
1992 Barcelona 3 8 11 22 Swimming, Jūdō, Athletics, Gymnastics, Shooting, Wrestling, Baseball
1996 Atlanta 3 6 5 14 Jūdō, Sailing, Baseball, Athletics, Wrestling, Cycling
2000 Sydney 5 8 5 18 Athletics, Jūdō, Swimming, Wrestling, Softball, Taekwondo
2004 Athens 16 9 12 37 Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Jūdō, Sailing, Softball, Baseball
2008 Beijing 9 6 10 25 Swimming, Wrestling, Jūdō, Softball, Gymnastics, Fencing, Athletics, Cycling
2012 London 7 14 17 38 Athletics, Boxing, Jūdō, Swimming, Wrestling
2016 Rio de Janeiro 12 8 21 41 Athletics, Badminton, Gymnastics, Jūdō, Swimming, Wrestling
2020 Tokyo
Total 142 134 165 441

(Originally published in Japanese on August 24, 2016. Banner photo: Japan’s 2016 Olympic medalists at a press conference in Tokyo on August 24, 2016. © Aflo Sport.)

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