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Discover Japan by picking a theme from the list below and exploring the related topics. Each short overview is illustrated with colorful photographs.

Daily Life

“Takuhai” Delivery Service “Kotatsu” Japanese High-Tech Toilets
“Sentō”: Japan’s Public Bathhouses “Kōban” Chopsticks in Japan
“Emoji” The Social Custom of Gift Giving Mask Culture in Japan
Japan’s Changing Attitude to Smoking Public Transit Smart Cards in Japan “Mamachari”: Japan’s Iconic Bicycle
 Japanese Stationery

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Drugstores in Japan Supermarkets in Japan Electronics Chains in Japan
Japan’s ¥100 Shops “Ekinaka”: Shopping Complexes Inside Train Stations Vending Machines

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Food and Drink

Family Restaurants Cheap and Delicious “B Gourmet” “Kyaraben” (Character “Bentōs”)
“Yatai” Food Stalls Savory Snacks from Japan Japanese Seasonings
Canned Coffee “Kaiten-zushi” (Conveyor-Belt Sushi)

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Festivals and Observances

“Kōyō” (Autumn Foliage) “Hanami” (Flower Viewing) “Setsubun”
Valentine’s Day and White Day “Omikuji” and “Ema” “Hinamatsuri”: Japan’s Doll Festival
“Shichi-Go-San” “Nengajō” (New Year Cards) Boys’ Day
“Seijinshiki” (Coming-of-Age Ceremonies) “Shōgatsu”: Japanese New Year “Tanabata” (Star Festival)
Obon: A Summer Festival for Honoring Ancestors Christmas in Japan “Ōmisoka” (New Year’s Eve)

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University Entrance Examinations Japan’s School Uniforms The Japanese School System

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Leisure and Entertainment

Karaoke “Hanami” (Flower Viewing) Pachinko
“Kyōtei” (Boat Race) “Sentō”: Japan’s Public Bathhouses “Rakugo” (The Art of Storytelling)

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Love and Ceremonies

Weddings in Japan Romantic Aspirations: Japan’s “Gōkon” Group Dating Funerals in Japan

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Sports and Exercise

Running Around the Imperial Palace Sumō “Kyūdō” (Japanese Archery)
Japan’s Radio Calisthenics

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Traditional Culture

Bonsai “Shodō” (Japanese Calligraphy) Japanese Gardens
“Rakugo” (The Art of Storytelling) “Zazen” (Seated Meditation) Workshops

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Japan’s School Uniforms

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Places and Tourism

Capsule Hotels Service Areas Akihabara
Ginza Roppongi Japanese Coins
“Minshuku” (Traditional Family-Run Lodgings) “Ryokan” (Traditional Inns)

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“Kōyō” (Autumn Foliage) “Hanami” (Flower Viewing) “Sakura” (Cherry Blossoms)

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Otaku Culture

Maid Cafés Manga Cafés Japanese Figures: More than Just a Hobby

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Customs and Manners

“Nengajō” (New Year Cards) Chopsticks in Japan The Social Custom of Gift Giving
Mask Culture in Japan Japan’s Changing Attitude to Smoking

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