Photo slideshows, 360º immersive panoramas, and high-quality video presentations of all sides of Japan.

Japan’s Castles Stir Memories of Feudal Past (Photos)Yamashita Shigeki (Photographer)

Japan’s castles, mainly built by powerful regional leaders in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century, are among the country’s top tourist attractions. In this collection, photographer Yamashita Shigeki captures the rich variety of Japanese castles in all their majesty.

Hot Springs and Snow Monkeys: Four Seasons in “Hell Valley” (Photos)Kobayashi Hideki (Photographer)

Japanese macaques are unusual among monkeys in preferring a cold habitat to a tropical or subtropical one. Like most Japanese, these “snow monkeys” like nothing more than soaking in a hot-spring bath in winter. Here we showcase Kobayashi Hideki’s photos of these endearing creatures.

An Agricultural Wonder: Japan’s Vanishing Terraced Rice Fields (Photos)Kit Takenaga (Photographer)

Terraced rice fields, constructed and refined by farmers over centuries, were once a common sight on Japan’s hillsides. Today, though, they are disappearing from the landscape. These photographs document the natural, agricultural, and cultural heritage of the tanada.

Sushi Heaven (Video)

A lot of work goes into a serving of sushi. The skills of a sushi master include carefully selecting the fish and applying various techniques to preserve its freshness. We discover the fine cuisine of the famous Ginza restaurant Sushi Aoki.

A Year in the Life of Ise Shrine (Photos)Nakano Haruo (Photographer)

The year 2013 was a special one in Ise, as Japan’s most important Shinto shrine was rebuilt from scratch—the latest iteration of a ceremony carried out every 20 years since the seventh century. This selection of photographs by a man who grew up close to the shrine shows the beauty of the four seasons in one of Japan’s most important sacred spaces.

World Heritage: Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome) (360° Panorama)Somese Naoto (Photographer)

This series of 360° panoramic images shows Hiroshima as you’ve never seen it before—from the inside of the A-Bomb Dome (normally closed to the public) to the August 6 memorial ceremony, the Peace Memorial Museum, and the lantern floating ceremony held to commemorate those who died in the world’s first nuclear attack.

Ōmagari Hanabi―the Pinnacle of Japanese Fireworks Displays (Photos)Izumiya Gensaku (Photographer)

Around 500 firework displays are held every year throughout Japan, mostly in summer. The famous Ōmagari National Fireworks Competition held at Daisen in Akita Prefecture is the biggest of them all. The beauty of fireworks is introduced here through the work of a photographer who specializes in capturing the fleeting beauty of fireworks.

Izumo Taisha Shrine: The Ancient Meeting Place of the Gods (Photos)Nakano Haruo (Photographer)

Izumo’s religious importance dates back to the very dawn of Japanese history. The Izumo Taisha shrine is said to be where the myriad gods of the Shinto pantheon gather from all corners of Japan for a month-long meeting once a year. What made them choose this place? Nakano Haruo’s evocative images of this special place suggest an answer.

Gunkanjima: A Sacred Site of Relics (360° Panorama)Somese Naoto (Photographer)

In its heyday, the coal mining island of Gunkanjima was the most densely populated place in the world. Today, nearly 40 years after the mine was closed, it is uninhabited but is attracting new attention for its relics, which exude the sadness of the past. It was also catapulted to fame in 2012 as the model for an island in the James Bond movie Skyfall. See places not open to the general public in these stunning, high-definition immersive photographs.

Mount Fuji: Where the Spirits Dwell (Photos)Ōyama Yukio (Photographer)

Japan’s iconic mountain is at the heart of the country’s spiritual traditions. Ōyama Yukio has spent almost 40 years photographing Mount Fuji. Here he presents a selection of images that capture the spiritual side of the mountain. The photographs continue from our previous post on his work from January 2012, "Mount Fuji Through the Lens of Ōyama Yukio." 

A Skytree Grows in Tokyo (Photos)Satō Shintarō

More than a year has passed since Tokyo Skytree opened on May 22, 2012. In that short time the majestic tower has already become a Tokyo landmark, visited by thousands every day. This slideshow presents photographs taken by Satō Shintarō over four years as the tower inched higher and higher into the Tokyo sky.

Yamaguchi Akira’s World (Photos)Yamaguchi Akira

Artist Yamaguchi uses the technique and approaches of traditional Japanese painting to open up new possibilities for contemporary art. His superbly detailed paintings reward close inspection. Take a closer look!

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