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Japanese Blacksmiths Forge On (Photos)Ōhashi Hiroshi (Photographer)

Japanese blacksmiths preserve a once vital traditional art. These photographs offer a window into their workshops as they display their artisanship.

“Nikkapokka” Pants in Style on the Construction Site (Photos)Matsuda Tadao (Photographer)

Photographer Matsuda Tadao’s portraits of Japanese construction workers are taken on site, capturing the reality of their jobs with the sweat and grime of a hard day’s efforts. As well as being fitted to their work, distinctive, baggy nikkapokka pants help these laborers to stand out in the crowd.

The World of Satō Kashiwa, Creative Director (Photos)Satō Kashiwa

Satō Kashiwa’s ambitious “iconic branding” projects span a wide range of media, industries, and themes, but they are consistent in the freshness and dynamism of their forms and the terse eloquence of the nonverbal language they use to communicate across cultures.

Ancient Messengers: The Timeless Deer of Nara (Photos)Ishii Yōko

Nara boasts a sizable herd of deer that wander freely through the ancient city. Traditionally thought to be messenger of the gods, the beasts thrive amid the urban environment thanks to municipal conservation efforts. Photographer Ishii Yōko has recorded the lives of these charming creatures set against the human landscape.

Dainichidō Bugaku: Ritual Dances in the Chill of Winter (Photos)Chikura Yukari

Amid deep snow, on the second day of the year, people from four northern Japanese villages gather to perform ritual dances known as Dainichidō Bugaku. These photos convey the atmosphere surrounding a tradition that dates back 1,300 years.

Graveside Portraits of Japanese Families (Photos)Itō Masayo (Photographs)

What thoughts go through people’s heads when they visit the graves of loved ones? What news do they wish to share with their departed relatives? These photographs show Japanese families gathered together at cemeteries where they have gone to pay their respects.

Northern Dancers: The Red-Crowned Cranes of Hokkaidō (Photos)Wada Masahiro (Photographs)

Red-crowned cranes are a traditional symbol of good fortune in Japan. Conservation efforts have brought regional population back from the brink of collapse and there is now a flourishing crane population in Hokkaidō. These photographs show the cranes’ graceful forms through the year, including the bitter cold of a northern winter.

Three New Pop Culture Tourist Spots in Tokyo (360˚ Panorama)Somese Naoto (Photographer)

Tourists from around the world are flocking to Tokyo. Along with the city’s established tourist sites are many pop culture destinations. Here we take a 360° panoramic look at three spots that have captivated many foreign visitors.

Life and Rituals in the Yaeyama Islands (Photos)Yamashita Tsuneo (Photographs)

The Yaeyama Islands lie in the remote southwest of Japan, far from the mainland. They seem to follow a different time than the rest of the country or even other islands in Okinawa. Photographer Yamashita Tsuneo captures everyday life and local rituals in the archipelago.

One Man and His Cats in Fukushima (Photos)Ota Yasusuke (Photographs)

Matsumura Naoto has been looking after all kinds of abandoned animals in Fukushima since residents evacuated following the disaster of March 11, 2011. In 2013, he adopted two kittens that have become his constant companions. Photographer Ota Yasusuke captures their everyday antics in a series of lively images.

Night Scenes in Japan (Photos)Malta Atsushi (Photographs)/Marumaru Motoo (Text)

Japan is enjoying an ongoing boom in yakei, the appreciation of nighttime scenery, which has become a popular form of tourism in its own right. The bright lights of urban landscapes are especially popular, but there are many variations, from factories to hot springs.

Strolling Beneath the Cherry Trees (Video)

Walking under cherry trees in full bloom is a simple way to appreciate the beauties of the season.

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