Japan Glances

Slices of life in Japan. Quick looks at aspects of culture, society, and human relations that help to paint a more detailed picture of the nation.

Nail Salons in Japan

Japan’s nail salons are popular with international visitors who wish to experience local styles. Nail art in Japan, more flamboyant than in the West, can include 3D decorations and anime characters in the design.

“Purikura”: Photos with Friends

Purikura booths are places to take photos with friends or family members. Users can apply the latest technologies to make creative adjustments and improvements.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Sadō, also known as chadō or chanoyu, is Japan’s austere rite of tea. Although its origins lie in Chinese Zen ritual, over centuries the ceremony developed into a distinct Japanese form combining native culture, including art, ikebana flower arranging, and haute kaiseki cuisine.

Bicycle Rental in Japan

Cycling is a good way to explore a little further afield than traveling on foot. In Japan, there are many bicycle rental services available, especially around tourist spots.


Bentō lunches are Japanese meals that can be enjoyed anywhere. Different regions have their own specialties, aimed particularly at rail travelers.

“Taiko” Drums

The powerful rhythms of Japan’s traditional taiko drums have won devotees nationwide and around the globe.

Japanese Amusement Parks

A look at some of Japan’s most popular amusement parks, including retro charms and thrilling roller coasters.

Convenience Stores in Japan

Japanese convenience stores—known as konbini—offer food, drink, and daily products as well as a wide range of services, including allowing customers to pay utility bills, buy event tickets, and pick up delivery items.

Barrier-Free Design in Japan

Transportation hubs such as airports and train stations as well as public facilities are being fitted with wheelchair-accessible restrooms, tactile flooring, and other design features to increase their accessibility. Such efforts to make Japan increasingly barrier free have gained momentum ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and include installing level landings to improve access to sidewalks and equipping public facilities with elevators and ramps.


Geisha have been a Japanese icon around the world for over a century. Skilled in traditional arts, the female entertainers continue to perform in Kyoto, Tokyo, and other regional centers.

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