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Graying Japan to Face Unprecedented Challenges

Japan is seeing its population age faster than any other country in the world. Projections indicate that by 2060 there will be just 1.3 workers for every senior citizen, increasing the burden on the working-age population. This article traces the figures behind the graying of Japan.

Fighting Population Decline, Japan Aims to Stay at 100 Million

Depopulation continues to be a dire problem facing Japan. In an effort to address the issue, the government in June announced the goal of maintaining the population at 100 million over the next 50 years, as part of broader economic policies. The plan, based on a report presented in May by a government-appointed panel, looks to offset the decline in population by boosting the country’s fertility rate and implementing other measures to stave off Japan’s graying.

“Shitamachi” Shopping StreetsPaul Warham

The completion of the Tokyo Skytree has brought new crowds flocking to the well-preserved shitamachi neighborhoods of the surrounding area. For these streets, whose chief appeal lies in their old-fashioned atmosphere and vibrant local flavor, this influx represents both an opportunity and a challenge.

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