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In Photographic Pursuit of Hokkaidō’s Rare Owls (Photos)Tanaka Hiroshi

The shimafukurō, one of the world’s largest owl species, was once thought extinct in Japan and is still considered endangered. Tanaka Hiroshi has been focusing his camera on these magnificent raptors in his native Hokkaidō for over three and a half decades.

Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture: The World in Miniature

Filmmaker Sasaki Megumi’s latest work was seven years in the making. A Whale of a Tale is a documentary about the town of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture, notorious for its annual dolphin slaughter. The film sheds new light not only on the controversy about Japan’s whaling program but also on the nature of the clashes and polarizations between different worldviews in recent years.

Feline Fatale: A Look at Japan’s Growing Cat ManiaKita Yōsuke

Cats are royalty in Japan. Each month a slew of new feline-themed books, toys, and other goods hit store shelves, suggesting that the country’s obsession with the cuddly animals is here to stay. Social media has also become a lively gathering point for cat fans, including proud owners who post pictures and videos of their whiskered charges. Economist and hopeless cat lover Kita Yōsuke looks at how the mousers have taken over.

Another Fine Feathered Mess You’ve Gotten Us Into: Duck Family Makes Surprise Appearance at Chiba Train Station (Japan in Photos)

Employees and passengers at Shiroi Station, part of Chiba Prefecture’s Hokusō Railway web, were aflutter at the appearance of a family of spotbill ducks on July 31, 2017. Despite the unfamiliar surroundings, the mother duck confidently led her brood through the ticket gates, presumably on her way to a pond located down the line. Fearing things could turn foul, though, station attendants and po…

Love in the Air for Peacocks in Shizuoka (Japan in Photos)

An Indian peacock shows off its feathers at Izu Shaboten Zoo in Itō, Shizuoka Prefecture, on April 22, 2017. Around 50 Indian peafowls roam freely at the zoo, where the mating displays of males looking for love can be seen until early summer. (© Jiji)

Five Famous AnimalsNippon.com Staff

There is a diverse range of wildlife across Japan’s great geographical sweep, from brown bears and white-tailed eagles in Hokkaidō to coconut crabs and habu snakes in Okinawa. Foxes and tanuki are famous in legends as magical animals, while the bathing monkeys of Nagano Prefecture have carved out a more recent name for themselves. But beyond the species level, there are also individual creatures t…

Hot Springs and Snow Monkeys: Four Seasons in “Hell Valley” (Photos)Kobayashi Hideki (Photographer)

Japanese macaques are unusual among monkeys in preferring a cold habitat to a tropical or subtropical one. Like most Japanese, these “snow monkeys” like nothing more than soaking in a hot-spring bath in winter. Here we showcase Kobayashi Hideki’s photos of these endearing creatures.

Monkeys at Large in the Big CityPaul Warham

Osaka police received an unusual emergency call early in the morning of November 11, when a man driving along the city’s Chūō Ōdōri reported seeing a monkey sitting by the side of the road, according to a report in the Yomiuri Shimbun. In normal circumstances, the likely response would have been to send a team to breathalyze the driver and take away his keys. But this has been a big week for monk…

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