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Nature and Asian Pluralism in the Work of Miyazaki HayaoSugita Shunsuke

While the animation of Miyazaki Hayao is regarded by many as quintessentially Japanese, Sugita Shunsuke argues that Miyazaki’s real legacy is a creative idiom that rejects both national insularity and global homogeneity in favor of a complex, pluralistic, and fundamentally Eastern view of nature.

The Evolution of the Japanese Anime IndustryYamaguchi Yasuo

In recent years, Japanese animation has become popular around the world. Industry veteran Yamaguchi Yasuo, who has been involved in anime production for half a century, traces the history of Japanese animation, from its birth to today.

Future Unclear for Japanese Animation after Miyazaki Hayao’s RetirementYamaguchi Yasuo

In early September, the legendary animator Miyazaki Hayao announced his retirement as feature filmmaker for Studio Ghibli. This news story, which was covered globally, raises questions about the future direction of Japanese animation. Industry veteran Yamaguchi Yasuo takes a look at the state of Japanese animation at this major turning point and ponders its future.

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