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Kazuo Ishiguro, Memory, and JapanRichard Medhurst

In March 2015, Kazuo Ishiguro once again came under the spotlight as he published his first new novel for a decade, The Buried Giant. Born in Nagasaki but brought up in England, the writer has been influenced by his Japanese background in various ways through his career, though sometimes in an indirect manner. Growing up, Kazuo Ishiguro’s image of Japan was shaped by “very distorted, very color…

Manga Giant Ōtomo Katsuhiro Meets His European Counterparts

At a lively panel discussion at the International Manga Fest in Tokyo, manga artist Ōtomo Katsuhiro directed a series of probing questions at two artists visiting from France, and brought the appeal of European bandes dessinées into vivid focus for Japanese audiences.

Japan’s First International Literary Festival

The inaugural Tokyo International Literary Festival took place in eight venues across Tokyo on March 1–3. The festival brought together leading novelists, poets, editors, and translators for three days of inspiring, well-attended events.

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