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Fostering a New Generation of Women Leaders

Japan recently brought into force a new law aimed at closing the gender gap in the nation’s workforce by bringing more women into mid- and upper-management positions. To prepare women for civic and private leadership roles, a program run in cooperation with the US-Japan Council and other partners provides young female college students unique opportunities to learn from prominent leaders in both Japan and the United States.

Changing Career Goals for Female Students in JapanUehara Yoshiko

To follow up on my previous article about shūkatsu, Japanese students’ hunt for post-graduation jobs, in which I discussed this annual ritual in the context of the changes in Japanese society, here I would like to offer an overview of the job hunt for women students. The current generation of older people may still harbor an image of the students at women’s universities as taking jobs with top-…

“Shūkatsu”: How Japanese Students Hunt for JobsUehara Yoshiko

Foreign tourists are now an everyday sight on the streets of Tokyo. One wonders what they make of the young Japanese men and women they see wearing uniform black suits, showing less individuality than even the typical “salaryman.” They are evidently not businesspeople, but what are they? The answer: These are Japanese university students suited up to hunt for post-graduation jobs. A distinctive…

Rescuing a Giant: Sharp’s Future in Foxconn’s HandsMori Kazuo

In early April Taiwan’s Foxconn concluded its bid to acquire Sharp, placing the future of the debt-ridden manufacturer firmly in the hands of the group’s chair, Terry Gou. The question going forward is whether the charismatic business leader can right the fortunes of the struggling Japanese company.

The Early Morning Pitch: Weekly Forum Pairs Start-Ups with Business Partners

Just as Tokyo is waking up, Japan’s innovators are already hard at work, presenting their products and services to more than a hundred potential investors in a Shinjuku skyscraper. With Japan’s venture capital market expanding, the search is on for the next big idea that will take the world by storm.

Young Japanese Firms Quick to Adopt International Accounting StandardsYanagawa Noriyuki

Why are leading Japanese IT firms and other young businesses rushing to adopt IFRS accounting rules? The author examines the reasons behind their decision and describes the international tug-of-war over global accounting standards, which are likely to have wide repercussions.

Impact of Toshiba’s Fraudulent Accounting

In a report published on July 20, an independent committee of experts examining Toshiba’s fraudulent accounting determined that inappropriate accounting had been carried out based on management decisions. This revelation led to the resignations of the current and preceding two chief executives, creating the biggest crisis faced by Toshiba since its founding. The overstatement of earnings by one of…

Can Sharp Pull Out of Its Nose-Dive?Mori Kazuo

While other Japanese electrical goods manufacturers enjoyed an upturn in fiscal 2014, Sharp posted a loss of over ¥200 billion. Yet its new medium-term management plan fails to include the structural reform it requires.

Mario and Luigi on Your Smartphone? Nintendo, DeNA Announce Business Alliance

On March 17, gaming giant Nintendo announced a business and capital tie-up with mobile gaming and e-commerce service operator DeNA. The deal should have a major impact on the gaming scene, at last bringing Nintendo’s wildly popular gaming franchises to mobile platforms like iOS and Android. According to the press release from Nintendo, the alliance aims at “the joint development and operation of …

Valentine’s Day and White DayNippon.com Staff

Valentine’s Day in Japan has come to represent something rather different from established Western takes on the occasion. On February 14 and its sister celebration a month later, “White Day,” the thoughts of many across the nation turn to one thing: chocolate.

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