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Guidelines Set in Japan to Help Cancer Patients Have Kids (News)

Tokyo, July 13 (Jiji Press)—The Japan Society of Clinical Oncology said Thursday it has created the first guidelines on treatment for child cancer patients to help them have children in the future. Cancer treatments, such as drugs and surgery, may impair the functions of ovaries and testes, leaving patients infertile. There are methods to allow cancer patients to have children in the future,…

Japan Town Starts Cancer Tests Using Dogs (News)

Kaneyama, Yamagata Pref., May 13 (Jiji Press)—A small town in northeastern Japan has launched for its residents a unique health checkup program using dogs to sniff out cancer. The town of Kaneyama, Yamagata Prefecture, became the first municipality in the country to introduce screening tests by cancer-sniffing dogs, according to the town. The Mogami region of northern Yamagata, where the tow…

Japan Panel Approves 50% Price Cut for Cancer Drug Opdivo (News)

Tokyo, Nov. 16 (Jiji Press)—Japan's Central Social Insurance Medical Council, a government advisory panel, on Wednesday approved the health ministry's plan to slash the price of Opdivo, an expensive cancer drug, by 50%. The ministry will implement the price cut in February 2017, as an emergency measure ahead of the next biennial review of official drug prices slated for fiscal 2018, in order to…

Spotlight on New Cancer Immunotherapy: Ono Pharmaceutical’s OpdivoTsukasaki Asako

Cancer has been dubbed, among other names, the “emperor of all maladies.” The disease has waged war on humankind for four millennia, and despite all the weapons that we have forged against this sworn enemy, we have yet to declare victory over it. In 2014 alone, as many as 370,000 Japanese lives were lost to the disease. Cancer cells are atypical cells that have formed from what were once norm…

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