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“Undōkai”: The Day for Sports in JapanMichael Schauerte

Once a year, quite often in October, Japanese elementary schools hold an event called undōkai, or “sports day.” This year was the fifth time for me to get up early on a Saturday to attend the undōkai at my daughters’ elementary school. The event is sort of a big deal in Japan. In fact, the yearly undōkai is the main reason I own an expensive camera equipped with hundreds of (largely unused) fun…

The Nostalgic Taste of “Dagashi” Snacks

Stopping by the local shop selling inexpensive snacks, called dagashi, used to be an after-school custom in Japan. The sight of those snacks brings back fond memories for adults today. Here we take a closer look at some of these snacks and a Tokyo shop that continues to sell them.

Anatomy of Japanese BullyingSugimori Shinkichi

School bullying takes on many forms and remains a pervasive aspect of youth around the world. In Japan, highly publicized incidents of bullying continue to shock society, with a government survey showing an ongoing increase in reported cases. Sugimori Shinkichi discusses the cultural and socioeconomic factors behind the epidemic and what adults can do to contain it.

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