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Trump and the Perils of Protectionism: Averting an Economic DisasterUrata Shūjirō

US President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to renegotiate free-trade agreements and impose punitive tariffs in order to protect American jobs. What are the likely consequences of such policies for international trade and the global economy, and how should Japan respond?

Trump’s Defense Pick Intends to Keep Military Posture in Asia-Pacific (News)

Washington, Jan. 12 (Jiji Press)—Retired Gen. James Mattis, President-elect Donald Trump's defense chief pick, underscored on Thursday the need to maintain the US military posture in the Asia-Pacific region. "As this is a primarily maritime theater, our naval forces, supported by other elements of the military, should be the centerpiece of the Department of Defense's integrated strategy for th…

Trump’s Secretary of State Pick Reaffirms Protection of Japan’s Senkakus (News)

Washington, Jan. 11 (Jiji Press)—US Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson expressed intention Wednesday to defend the Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands against Chinese aggression, if any, based on the Japan-US security treaty. "We have longstanding ally commitments with Japan and South Korea in the area, and I think we would respond in accordance with those (security) accords," Tillerson…

Trump Frustrated with US Trade Deficits with Japan, Others (News)

New York, Jan. 11 (Jiji Press)—US President-elect Donald Trump expressed his discontent with his country's trade deficits with Japan and other countries, during his first press conference since the November 8 presidential election, held in New York on Wednesday. "We have hundreds of billions of dollars of losses on a yearly basis, hundreds of billions with China on trade and trade imbalance, wi…

Toyota to Invest $10 Billion in US over Five Years (News)

Detroit, Jan. 9 (Jiji Press)—Toyota Motor Corp. will invest 10 billion dollars in the United States over the next five years, President Toyoda Akio said Monday. "We will be investing another 10 billion here...in just the next five years alone" after spending 22 billion dollars over the past 60 years, Toyoda said during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which opened Monday. …

Trump Raps Toyota’s Plan to Build Factory in Mexico (News)

Washington, Jan. 5 (Jiji Press)—Incoming US President Donald Trump on Thursday criticized a plan by leading Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. to build a new factory in Mexico. "Toyota Motor said will build a new plant" in Baja California, Mexico, to make Corolla cars for exports to the United States, Trump said on his Twitter account. "No Way!," he said, adding, "Build plant in U.S. or p…

Many Japanese Worried about Ties with US under Trump: Jiji Poll (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 16 (Jiji Press)—A Jiji Press opinion poll showed Friday that a majority of Japanese people feel anxious about the future of the relationship between Japan and the United States, ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration as US president in January next year. The proportion of respondents who showed such concerns came to 61.1%, according to the survey. Meanwhile, 27.7% expressed hopes for …

Abe Eyes Trump Summit in January (News)

Washington, Dec. 15 (Jiji Press)—Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō is likely to visit the United States in late January to hold his first meeting with Donald Trump after the US president-elect takes the oath of office, Taniguchi Tomohiko, special adviser to Abe's cabinet, said Thursday. Abe already had talks with the incoming US president on November 17, in the wake of Trump's victory in the N…

Abe Goes to Pearl Harbor: A Trip Prompted by Donald Trump?Teshima Ryūichi

On December 26–27, Prime Minister Abe Shinzō will visit Pearl Harbor, paying his respects at the war memorial with President Barack Obama by his side. Their final summit meeting aims to open a new chapter in a robust bilateral alliance—and making this an urgent task is the appearance in January of the administration of Donald Trump.

SoftBank’s Son Tells Trump of Plan to Invest $50 Billion in US (News)

New York, Dec. 6 (Jiji Press)—SoftBank Group Corp. Chairman and CEO Son Masayoshi told US President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday that the Japanese Internet and telecommunications giant will invest $50 billion, chiefly in startups, in the United States. "Masa . . . has agreed to invest $50 billion in the U.S. toward businesses and 50,000 new jobs," Trump tweeted after his meeting with Son at th…

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