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Higher Education and the Japanese DiseaseKariya Takehiko

In an age calling for an increasingly globalized workforce, there is widespread alarm about declining standards in the Japanese education sector. Where do the problems lie? Kariya Takehiko, a sociology professor who has taught at universities in Japan and England, analyzes the current situation.

A Return to Basics for Japanese Education PolicyHayakawa Nobuo

Japanese education policy has often been compared to a pendulum, swinging back and forth between the two extremes of rote learning and a more relaxed, individualistic approach. Underlying this shifting personality are the vacillating priorities of the nation’s policymakers, who tend to respond to any hint of stagnation by treating education as the root of the problem, instigating educational refor…

Education in Japan: The View from the ClassroomShirota Akihisa

Japanese schools in 2011 began the staged introduction of a series of new academic guidelines designed to improve basic academic skills. To learn more about the new guidelines and better grasp the current state of Japanese education we talked to Shirota Akihisa, the principal at Wada Junior High School in Suginami-ku, Tokyo—a school well known for its pioneering and innovative approach to education.

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