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Japan’s Animation Industry Failing to Cultivate Next Generation of Talent

With blockbusters like Shinkai Makoto’s Kimi no na wa (Your Name) making waves around the world, the Japanese animation industry would appear to be bursting with vitality. Yet behind the scenes at the nation’s animation production houses, the working conditions are little short of wretched, and the long-term future of made-in-Japan anime is anything but assured.

Deciphering the Universality of Oshii Mamoru’s “Ghost in the Shell”Hikawa Ryūsuke

With Hollywood producing a live-action version of his 1995 animated movie Ghost in the Shell, famed anime director Oshii Mamoru’s original Kōkaku kidōtai is back in the spotlight. Anime researcher Hikawa Ryūsuke explores the impact that Oshii’s landmark film has had on science-fiction film, both in Japan and abroad, and the universality of its challenging themes.

Japanese Movie Director Suzuki Seijun Dies at 93 (News)

Tokyo, Feb. 22 (Jiji Press)—Japanese movie director Suzuki Seijun died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at a Tokyo hospital on February 13, it was learned Wednesday. He was 93. Suzuki Seijun. (© Jiji) He made his debut as a film director under his real first name Seitarō at Japanese studio Nikkatsu in 1956. After starting to use the name Seijun in 1958, Suzuki produced many actio…

Kitano Takeshi: Marching to His Own Creative “Beat”Uno Koremasa

Kitano Takeshi has established a unique position for himself, appearing as a popular comedian on Japanese TV while simultaneously winning international acclaim as a serious filmmaker. Meet the unique creator who has for many years lived a double life as mass entertainer and creative artist.

Scorsese’s “Silence” Grapples With Questions of Faith in Seventeenth-Century Japan

Director Martin Scorsese first learned of the novel Silence in 1988. Deeply moved by its exploration of faith among “hidden Christians” in seventeenth-century Japan, he resolved to film the work. More than a quarter of a century later, this passion project is complete.

First Movie Collaboration Between Japan and India in Preparation (News)

New Delhi, Jan. 13 (Jiji Press)—Japanese and Indian film production companies have started preparations to make a film together, marking the first movie collaboration between the two countries. With an Indian man and a Japanese woman in the leading roles, the companies will begin shooting the film, "Love in Tokyo," in Japan as early as this year. As bilateral economic and security ties are r…

“Your Name” Director Hits the Anime Big Time

Shinkai Makoto’s hit movie Kimi no na wa (Your Name) is breaking box office records and making headlines across Japan and around the world. We talked to the anime director about how he feels about comparisons with Miyazaki Hayao, his early influences, and his new blockbuster.

Behind the Scenes of Obama’s Hiroshima VisitJulian Ryall

Barack Obama’s May 27 visit to Hiroshima brought together a president and a survivor of the 1945 atomic bomb in an image of compassion that went around the world. We talked to the documentary film producer who shed light on Mori Shigeaki’s work.

“The Red Turtle” (2016)

Studio Ghibli’s latest film is an international coproduction a decade in the making. The dialogue-free movie showcases the minimalist talents of Dutch director Michael Dudok de Wit.

“Villain” Author Enters a World of Rage

Bestselling author Yoshida Shūichi has won Japan’s most prestigious literary awards. Many of his works have been filmed, including Akunin (trans. Villain), which won a best actress award at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2010. With the film version of his novel Ikari (Rage) about to open, we met him to talk about the inspiration for his work.

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