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Easier Permanent Residency for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals—Is Japan Ready?Himeda Konatsu

The administration of Prime Minister Abe Shinzō has made luring more “highly skilled foreign professionals” to Japan a critical link in its growth strategy. Yet the problems could far outweigh the benefits if more and more immigrants are allowed into Japan before appropriate preparations are put in place.

Foreign Care Workers in Japan: A Policy Without a VisionHirano Yūko

Japan will lower specific immigration barriers this year to ease a projected shortage of professional care workers for the elderly. A health sociologist draws on extensive research to critique the government’s shortsighted, private-sector-driven approach to the problem, calling for greater efforts to support and export Japan’s advanced system of care work.

Foreign Workers in Japan Top 1 Million for First Time in 2016 (News)

Tokyo, Jan. 27 (Jiji Press)--The number of foreign workers in Japan surged 19.4% from a year earlier to 1,083,769 as of the end of October last year, exceeding one million for the first time ever, government data showed Friday. The growth reflected improvements in the employment situation and increases in the number of foreigners joining Japan's technical intern training program and foreign s…

Japan Attracting Job-Seeking Brazilians Again (News)

Sao Paulo, Jan. 10 (Jiji Press)—Another wave of Brazilians of Japanese descent is moving to Japan in search of jobs. Such "dekasegi" (working away from home) Brazilian workers in Japan peaked in number in 2007, when there were 317,000 Brazilians there, before falling due to the global financial crisis of 2008 as well as the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But the number is belie…

Japan’s Dilemma of Attracting and Keeping Foreign TalentHimeda Konatsu

Demand for foreign employees is on the rise in Japan, both as a way to boost the country’s international competitiveness and to shore up the workforce as the population grays and birthrate falls. Yet Japanese companies will need to take an honest evaluation of their corporate culture if they hope to fully utilize and retain foreign talent.

Highly Skilled Foreigners to Get Permanent Japan Residency in One Year (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 17 (Jiji Press)—The Japanese government plans to grant highly skilled foreign people permanent residency after they live in Japan for one year, at the earliest, informed sources said Saturday. Currently, such foreigners as researchers and corporate managers can become permanent residents if they stay in the country for at least five years. The government is now working to shorten…

Can Foreign Housekeepers Help Japanese Women Shine?Nomura Hiroko

The government is tentatively opening up Japan’s household staffing industry to foreign recruits as part of its policy to support workforce participation by Japanese women. Staffing services Pasona, Bears, Poppins, Duskin, and Chez Vous have signed on to a pilot program in designated zones in Kanagawa and Osaka Prefectures, where placement of foreign housekeepers is expected to start as early as M…

Foreign Nurses and Care Workers in Japan: Reform NeededWakisaka Noriyuki

To help deal with its rapidly aging population, Japan has been admitting nurses and care workers from other Asian countries since 2008. The program has run into a number of problems, and a sweeping overhaul is required.

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