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“The Red Turtle” (2016)

Studio Ghibli’s latest film is an international coproduction a decade in the making. The dialogue-free movie showcases the minimalist talents of Dutch director Michael Dudok de Wit.

When Japonism Bewitched EuropeWatanabe Hirotaka

Today art from Japan has worldwide cultural impact and is a familiar part of the global artistic scene. Up through the early modern era, though, Japanese art was a bolt from the blue—something entirely new to viewers overseas, who saw it as something fresh and surprisingly sophisticated. This was the dawn of Japonism.

Emmanuel Lepage: Bringing Something New to BDs

A prizewinning French creator of the comics known as bandes dessinées, Emmanuel Lepage came to Japan for the first time in late 2012. There he met his hero of the manga world, Ōtomo Katsuhiro, and spoke to us about his art and sources of inspiration.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s J-Pop “Kawaii” in Paris

Pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has already hit it big in Japan, but now she’s aiming to build her fanbase overseas. Here we interview a Japanese reporter living in Paris to find out how Kyary’s brand of kawaiii is viewed in France.

Mining the Past for New Gold: Artist Yamaguchi AkiraBrigitte Koyama-Richard (interviewer)

Yamaguchi Akira is an artist who uses the techniques of traditional Japanese painting to explore new possibilities for contemporary art. With its humorous and contempory sensibility, his work has beguiled audiences around the world. In this interview, a French scholar of Japanese art looks at the roots of Yamaguchi’s creativity.

Yamaguchi Akira’s World (Photos)Yamaguchi Akira

Artist Yamaguchi uses the technique and approaches of traditional Japanese painting to open up new possibilities for contemporary art. His superbly detailed paintings reward close inspection. Take a closer look!

Giving a Flowering Art a New Arrangement

Ikebana flower arranging has a history stretching back over 500 years. One world-renowned practioner of the art today is Kariyazaki Shōgo, who brings his own unique style to this traditional art. In this interview, we discuss his recent projects and the aesthetics of flowering arranging.

Manga: Not Just in Japan

Although Japanese manga is gaining popularity abroad, Japanese readers have little awareness of comics and similar publications produced abroad. We talk to Frédéric Toutlemonde, a Frenchman who is looking to change this.

Manga Artist Brings Bushidō Spirit to FranceLaurent Lefebvre

Every summer France hosts the Japan Expo to showcase Japanese pop culture. In 2012, the martial-arts manga artist Saruwatari Tetsuya attended the event. In this article, we spotlight his visit.

French Manga Fans Inspire the Work of Tsutsui TetsuyaLaurent Lefebvre

The young manga artist Tsutsui Tetsuya was highlighted at the 2012 Japan Expo in Paris. French journalist Laurent Lefebvre looks at his work, including his latest series Prophecy, which depicts the anxieties youth now face in our social-networking era.

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