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Iwate Prefecture
A Tradition Ironed Out over the Years: The Cast-iron Creations of Okamaya

The family firm Okamaya in Iwate Prefecture has been handcrafting cast-iron kettles for over 350 years. We interviewed the firm’s head, Koizumi Nizaemon, to learn more about its history and the traditions of Nanbu cast iron.

Talking with the Dead Through Invisible GriefWakamatsu Eisuke

The road to true reconstruction in the disaster-stricken Tōhoku region can be opened by conversing and living together with the dead there. Wakamatsu Eisuke, a literary critic acclaimed for his writings on the living and the dead, holds that talking about the existence of the dead is a must if we are to get on with life in the world after the 3/11 disaster.

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