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Peruvians Struggling to Find a Place in Japanese Society

Peruvians make up one of the largest expatriate communities in Japan. Nippon.com spoke with Elard Escala, Peru's ambassador to Japan, to find out more about these Peruvian expatriates and the ties between the two countries.

Is Japan Drifting Toward Isolation?Sven Saaler

Almost a decade ago, Newsweek International featured a story titled “A Very Lonely Japan,” and the cover of the magazine provocatively proclaimed that the issue would explain “Why Japan Has No Friends.” Although somewhat over-generalizing, the article did have a point regarding Japan’s growing diplomatic isolation as a result of Prime Minister Koizumi Jun’ichirō’s controversial visits to Yasukun…

“Hafu” Filmmaker Spotlights Bicultural Japan

The recent film Hafu documents the lives of five bicultural Japanese. Nippon.com spoke to one of the film’s two directors, Nishikura Megumi, to learn more about the film and the motivation behind it.

Colonel Sanders Gets Ready for the Year of the HorsePaul Warham

For obvious reasons, Christmas is not a public holiday in Japan—here at Nippon.com we spent December 25 in the office beavering away as usual. But it’s not quite an ordinary day either. For most of the past two months, we’ve been treated (subjected?) to decorated trees and glittering lights and “White Christmas” and all the rest of it, with Colonel Sanders resplendently clad in Santa Claus red out…

Ōmagari Hanabi―the Pinnacle of Japanese Fireworks Displays (Photos)Izumiya Gensaku (Photographer)

Around 500 firework displays are held every year throughout Japan, mostly in summer. The famous Ōmagari National Fireworks Competition held at Daisen in Akita Prefecture is the biggest of them all. The beauty of fireworks is introduced here through the work of a photographer who specializes in capturing the fleeting beauty of fireworks.

Ōmagari Fireworks Bedazzle the World

Ōmagari in Daisen, Akita Prefecture, has long been a popular place for fireworks, and is familiar to millions of people as the host city of the famous Ōmagari National Fireworks Competition, which draws pyrotechnicians from all over the country. We take a look at the proud history and exciting present of the country’s leading fireworks competition.

Shunga: Japanese Erotic Art Takes London By StormTony McNicol

Most people with even a nodding familiarity with Japanese art have marveled at the subtlety and liveliness of woodblock prints. But besides the famous scenes of rural and urban life, many of the best-known artists produced large numbers of sexually explicit pictures. Known as shunga, these works are marked by tenderness, humor, and biting satire. As a major exhibition at the British Museum draws big crowds, writer Tony McNicol takes a look at this most intimate of artistic genres.

Tying the Cultural Knot in the Kitchen: Japanese-Peruvian Cuisine

In the 110-odd years since the first mass immigration from Japan to Peru, the fusion of Japanese and Andean cultures has led to the growth of so-called Nikkei culture in a variety of areas, one of them being cuisine. We paid a visit to Inti Raimi, a Peruvian restaurant run by an Okinawan family that bears witness to the legacy of Japanese immigration to South America.

No Vision Yet in Sight for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic GamesSven Saaler

The IOC has decided to host the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In stark contrast to Tokyo’s previous unpopular bid, this time domestic support was strong. With the decision comes a huge responsibility for the organizers toward Japan, the Japanese sports world, Japanese taxpayers, as well as the international community. Before and during the 2020 Olympics, the eyes of the world will be focused on Japan…

Ties with Britain Expand Japan’s Diplomatic OptionsSasakawa Yōhei

In 1613 an East India Company ship called the Clove docked at Nagasaki and Hirado in the south of Japan, delivering an official letter from King James I to the Tokugawa shogunate. This year marks the 400th anniversary of that event, and in celebration, the two countries are holding a series of Japan400 events, commemorating the opening of relations between England and Japan. In late September, HRH…

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