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Approval Rating for Abe’s Cabinet Falls for Fourth Month (News)

Tokyo, June 16 (Jiji Press)—The approval rating for Prime Minister Abe Shinzō's cabinet in June fell 1.5 percentage points from the previous month to 45.1%, marking the fourth straight monthly decline, a Jiji Press survey found Friday. On the other hand, the disapproval rating rose 5.0 points to 33.9%, topping 30% for the first time in eight months. Survey respondents are apparently critical…

LDP Lawmaker Ōnishi Apologizes for Cancer Patient Comment (News)

Tokyo, May 22 (Jiji Press)—Ōnishi Hideo, a House of Representatives member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, apologized Monday for a remark he made about cancer patients. Ōnishi admitted that he said cancer patients facing work environments with passive smoke "don't have to work there" at a May 15 meeting of the LDP's health, welfare, and labor division, when measures to regulate passive …

Noda Eager to Run in 2018 LDP Leadership Race (News)

Tokyo, April 29 (Jiji Press)—Noda Seiko, a senior member of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has expressed her eagerness to run in a party leadership election in autumn 2018. At an April 25, 2017, interview, Noda Seiko speaks of her intent to run for the LDP presidency in autumn 2018. (© Jiji)  In a recent interview with Jiji Press, Noda, former chair of the party's General Council,…

Japan Minister to Resign over March 2011 Disaster Gaffe (News)

Tokyo, April 25 (Jiji Press)—Japanese postdisaster reconstruction minister Imamura Masahiro decided Tuesday to resign to take responsibility for a gaffe he made the same day over the March 2011 massive earthquake and tsunami that mainly hit the Tōhoku northeastern region of the country. His resignation would effectively be a dismissal by Prime Minister Abe Shinzō, who is trying to minimize the …

Koike Eyes Her Next MoveKunikida Tatsuya

Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko is currently dominating political headlines in Japan. Despite her affiliations with the ruling Liberal Democrat Party, Koike stood as an independent against the LDP candidate in the gubernatorial elections last year. She has started her own political group Tomin Fāsuto no Kai (Tokyo Citizens First) and an academy that aims to turn her acolytes into electoral candidates. Many associated with Koike and the LDP now suspect she is plotting a return to national politics and may even have her eye on the biggest job of all.

Japan’s LDP Extends Max Presidential Term to Nine Years (News)

Tokyo, March 5 (Jiji Press)—Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Sunday extended the maximum party presidential tenure, allowing Prime Minister Abe Shinzō to run in the next LDP leadership election for a term ending in 2021. At its eighty-fourth regular party convention, the LDP revised party rules to extend the maximum presidential tenure to three consecutive three-year terms for a total…

Japan’s Ordinary Diet Session to Open on January 20: Abe (News)

Ise, Mie Pref., Jan. 4 (Jiji Press)—The Diet, Japan's parliament, will convene in an ordinary session on January 20, Prime Minister Abe Shinzō said Wednesday. Abe unveiled the schedule during a press conference held after his New Year's visit to Ise Jingū, a major Shinto shrine in Ise in the central prefecture of Mie. He said, "The economy will remain my top policy priority this year." "T…

Koizumi Jr.’s Quixotic Quest for Agricultural ReformYamashita Kazuhito

Koizumi Shinjirō, director of the LDP agriculture and forestry division, is pushing for agricultural reform to rectify the high price of supplies and other issues confronting the industry. The scion of a former maverick prime minister faces fierce resistance, however, from the country’s powerful farm lobby.

Japan’s Parliament Enacts Casino, Pension Reform Bills (News)

Tokyo, Dec. 15 (Jiji Press)—The Diet enacted a so-called integrated resort promotion bill to legalize casinos in Japan in the small hours of Thursday, after another controversial bill, on reforming the country's pension system, cleared the Japanese parliament the previous day. The casino bill, which was modified by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Tuesday, was approved at a plenary meetin…

Landslide Victory for LDP in 2016 Upper House Election

The ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and Kōmeitō won comfortably in the House of Councillors election on July 10, 2016. The LDP nonetheless ended one seat short of its first simple majority in 27 years.

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