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Loveless and Single—and Happy That Way

A recent survey in Japan, found around 70% of unmarried men and 60% of unmarried women aged 18 to 34 were not currently in a relationship. Economic and social factors appear to be behind the declining importance of romance in the lives of young Japanese.

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Valentine’s Day and White DayNippon.com Staff

Valentine’s Day in Japan has come to represent something rather different from established Western takes on the occasion. On February 14 and its sister celebration a month later, “White Day,” the thoughts of many across the nation turn to one thing: chocolate.

Love Hotels Clean Up Their Image

Love hotels once had a shady reputation and gaudy designs, but things have changed. Today the hotels have become a date spot frequented by ordinary couples. Love-hotel scholar Kim Ikkyon explains why this change occurred.

Japan’s Affection for Love Hotels

Love hotels are deeply rooted in Japanese society today. Kim Ikkyon is a young scholar who has specialized in tracing their historical evolution. Here we draw on her findings to sketch the changing face of love hotels.

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