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Mount Takao: A Natural Treasure Nestled in Western Tokyo

Mount Takao’s proximity to central Tokyo and easily climbed slopes are factors that make it the most visited mountain in the world. Yet, many tourists fail to widely explore the mountain and miss many of its natural and cultural charms. Find out more about the peak in our guide.

Mountains, Mummies, and Modern Art: Ascetic Practice in Yamagata PrefectureDavid McMahon

For over a thousand years, Yamagata Prefecture, on the Sea of Japan side of the northern Tōhoku region, has drawn pilgrims and mystics to its mountains. As the native Shintō faith intertwined with imported Buddhism, Yamagata became the site for scores of shrines and temples, some of which remain to the present day. The holiest of all the sites in the region are the three sacred mountains of Dew…

Tateyama: Another World Above the Clouds (Photos)Yanagi Akinobu

The Tateyama mountain range in Toyama Prefecture is a special place, offering climbers access to a world of stunning snow-swept landscapes and a precious opportunity to see the ptarmigans that have lived here since the last Ice Age. Nature photographer Yanagi Akinobu presents a selection of his favorite images of the area.

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