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Araki Nobuyoshi: An Artistic Rebel, UnbowedIizawa Kōtarō

Araki Nobuyoshi began his career as a rebel and is now one of the world’s reigning masters of photography. A critic and close friend of the artist looks back over Araki’s prolific and sometimes tempestuous life.

Japanese Climber Hiraide Wins Uemura Naomi Adventure Prize (News)

Tokyo, Feb. 16 (Jiji Press)—Japanese alpinist and mountain photographer Hiraide Kazuya, 37, won this year's Uemura Naomi Adventure Prize, awarded to adventurers who make significant achievements in exploring nature, the prize organizer said Thursday. Winner of the Piolets d'Or prize, Japanese alpinist and mountain photographer Hiraide Kazuya, 37, was awarded this year’s Uemura Naomi Adventure …

Northern Dancers: The Red-Crowned Cranes of Hokkaidō (Photos)Wada Masahiro (Photographs)

Red-crowned cranes are a traditional symbol of good fortune in Japan. Conservation efforts have brought regional population back from the brink of collapse and there is now a flourishing crane population in Hokkaidō. These photographs show the cranes’ graceful forms through the year, including the bitter cold of a northern winter.

Visions of Alaska: Remembering Japanese Photographer Hoshino Michio

Japanese photographer Hoshino Michio spent 18 years traveling across Alaska, recording life in the Far North with striking photos of nature and insightful essays. Two decades have passed since his untimely death in 1996, but his works continue to inspire fans in Japan and around the world.

Night Scenes in Japan (Photos)Malta Atsushi (Photographs)/Marumaru Motoo (Text)

Japan is enjoying an ongoing boom in yakei, the appreciation of nighttime scenery, which has become a popular form of tourism in its own right. The bright lights of urban landscapes are especially popular, but there are many variations, from factories to hot springs.

The State of Sanriku Today (Part 1)Wada Naoki

The tsunami generated by the 9.0-magnitude offshore earthquake on March 11, 2011, battered the Sanriku coastline hardest of all. Photographer Wada Naoki has been visiting Sanriku communities since soon after the disaster to chronicle their suffering and recovery.

An Agricultural Wonder: Japan’s Vanishing Terraced Rice Fields (Photos)Kit Takenaga (Photographer)

Terraced rice fields, constructed and refined by farmers over centuries, were once a common sight on Japan’s hillsides. Today, though, they are disappearing from the landscape. These photographs document the natural, agricultural, and cultural heritage of the tanada.

Festival of Friendship and Fortitude: Photohoku Brings Emotional Relief to Fukushima PrefectureDavid McMahon

A 50-meter-long nagashi sōmen stand was one of the many attractions at the festival. (© Miseon Park) It is perfect weather for a matsuri, and the air in the small coastal town of Shinchi, Fukushima, is abuzz with the hubbub of children frolicking and old folks gossiping. School dance teams and other performers entertain the crowds from a modest stage, and refreshment stalls offering local produc…

Kyotographie: An International Photo Festival in Japan’s Ancient Capital

French photographer Lucille Reyboz launched the Kyotographie International Photography Festival in 2013 with Nakanishi Yūsuke as a way of drawing attention to the world of photography. Now in its second year, the festival is helping to raise the profile of photography in Japan and encourage dialogue among photographers around the world.

Mount Fuji: Where the Spirits Dwell (Photos)Ōyama Yukio (Photographer)

Japan’s iconic mountain is at the heart of the country’s spiritual traditions. Ōyama Yukio has spent almost 40 years photographing Mount Fuji. Here he presents a selection of images that capture the spiritual side of the mountain. The photographs continue from our previous post on his work from January 2012, "Mount Fuji Through the Lens of Ōyama Yukio." 

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